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27 May 2009

The White Hat Yogurt's My Favorite

Since its opening last year, I have been an instant fan of The White Hat yogurt. It started in the Mall of Asia, and right now, it has branched out to different places around the Metro. For more than a year now eating this delectable and yummy dessert, I can say that it's incomparable.

I love The White Hat yogurt! I could proudly say that I'm completely a fan of this cold, smooth, heavenly treat. I'll let you in a secret; I always order the largest, with 3 toppings. The best topping for me is their homemade granola. Their nuts are always good. The homemade cheesecake is also good. Their fruits are fresh and you can't go wrong with them.

The White Hat

Recently, The White Hat launched its tub sized cup-serving, which I always get from then on, to add to its regular and large sized cups. Once a month or when we feel depressed, my friend Sheena and I promised each other to go get and enjoy for ourselves a tub of this healthy and tasty alternative dessert.

White Hat Pose

June's just around the corner. I wonder when will we go back to the White Hat? Sheena, if you're reading this, just give me a call or text, and I'm itching to go back and get myself a tub.

Reviewed by Bong.
Photography by Bong and Mark.

25 May 2009

Teriyaki Boy's Crazy Maki

Crazy RollsCrazy RollsMaki

Seeing all the food posts Tiffy's doing from Japan, I really craved for something Japanese, so I invited my co-interns and went out and ate at the nearest Japanese restaurant near my internship - Teriyaki Boy in Petron along Makati Avenue corner Jupiter St.

Teriyaki Boy offers its newest dishes, the Crazy Rolls, 12 different kinds of Maki that you will surely love. On my visit to T-boy that day, we tried the Philly Cheese Streak Roll.

T-boy Maki

Philly Cheese Steak Roll (Php 175; $USD 3.72) - An American classic with a Japanese twist. Teppanyaki beef with deep fried sweet onions, topped with flame torched cheese served with a dip. It was heavenly, and so satisfying.

Ma Po Tofu

We also got an order of Ma Po Tofu and an order of the Spicy Kakiage. Tofu is one of my favorite dishes. For me, almost anything and everything goes well with Tofu. The Ma Po Tofu we ordered was just the way I liked it. The pork and the sauce complimented the taste of the soft and fresh tofu dish. The spicy Kakiage, on the other hand, was excellent as well. It was deep fried with a batter and wrapped around Nori. The sauce dip was spicy and really perfect for me.

Vegetable Kakiage

Review and Photography by Bong.

23 May 2009

Food Finds | Red Velvet Cupcake of Ienne's Cupcake Cafe

Food Finds | Red Velvet Cupcake of Ienne's Cupcake Cafe
By: Brian Ong

My friend John wanted me to try this cupcake in the Baker's Dozen and Pastry Fair in Rockwell Powerplant Mall. So last week, during my lunch break, he fetched us at the Board of Investments and we went straight to Rockwell.


There were a lot of flavors to choose from; but in the end, I got a Red Velvet cupcake (Php 55, $USD 1.17) - It was unbelievably good. The light chocolate cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting with a red star icing on top was elegant and at the same time very yummy.

It wasn't anything like Sonja's cupcakes. It had this homey feel and it didn't taste too sweet. It's also cheaper compared to most of the cupcakes in the market, considering its taste and packaging. And considering that it's a newcomer in the cupcakes scene in Manila, for me, it's one of the best cupcakes I have tasted. I'll surely grab some more.


Too bad, after the Bakers Dozen and Pastry Fair event, which runs on all weekends of May in Rockwell, you'll have to go to Alabang Town Center to get a hold of this rich, feel-good cupcakes.

They also have Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Blueberry, Mocha, Passion Fruit, and their newest flavor, the Chocolate Chai Cupcakes.

Ienne's Cupcake Cafe
Rockwell Powerplant Mall Bakers Dozen and Pastry Fair
For orders, inquiries or any questions. You can email them at or you may call/text them at 09195248958/ 09298004478; Tel. No. 466-7645; Ienne’s Cupcakes is located at 1st Floor, Commerce Mall, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City.

Review and Photography by Bong.

08 May 2009

Tiffy in Japan | Sushiro

Tiffy's Stay in Japan
Somewhere near Nagoya Gakuin University
A bike ride away

I don't really know the name of the places around here. And neither do my friends. Most of the time, they ride the bicycle to places around the school. I didn't bother buying a bicycle because I just live an hour away from school by subway. It's been really troublesome, trust me. And home has an atmosphere that's too serious for me. I think that's a big reason why I'm so sleepy when I'm there.

A couple of weeks ago, Sushiro had a sort of promo where all their sushi costs 90 yen. (Originally, a dish would cost 110 yen.) You know what that means, right?

Eating time!


Sushiro had tables and conveyor belts beside the table. If you want something, you just get it off the conveyor belt. White plates have sushi without wasabi in them. If you want wasabi in your sushi, better get the yellow plates. It wasn't enough for me, so I put more wasabi -- YUM.

If something you want isn't on the conveyor belt, you press a little button and order what you want. Your order will then come in these elevated plates that indicate the assigned color of the table that made the order:


We also got to make our own tea. LOL. Powder and add water. Careful though -- the faucet is pretty hot. Trust me, I learned the hard way.


And my dessert? Yoghurt mango parfait! Although, if you ask me, the mango isn't sweet enough! I think I got used to the mangoes in the Philippines!


Eating with friends is what makes it all worth the trip! ♥

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