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25 December 2009

Tiffy in Japan: A Christmas Nonholiday

A Christmas Nonholiday
December 25, 2009
Tiffy in Japan

Merry Christmas everyone! I'd love to say the same for me but as you can see, it's a nonholiday for me. Christmas is not a holiday in Japan. If anything--it's a day for couples to go out and have a date. Yes, it's a date day.

So what did I do this Christmas? Well, work, of course!

Work means part-timing at a conveyor-belt-type sushi restaurant at Nagoya Station (name intentionally not mentioned). To this day, I still have no idea how the manager agreed to let me work here, but I am so not complaining because...

I get to take home sushi.

It's not the usual  ¥100-per-plate sushi restaurant. This one had different colored plates that had different prices. It ranges from \150 to \1000 per plate! Woah, right? The sushi is better than that of cheaper places, of course! 

And so even though I didn't get to celebrate Christmas, being able to take home this much sushi (for free) is so worth it. 

They don't usually let us take home the leftover sushi (company policy, ya know)--they throw out the leftover sushi. I think that it's the same for most restaurants. It's to stop employees from intentionally making a lot to be able to take it home. And trust me--we do throw the sushi out. It makes my heart hurt just thinking about all the sushi that just goes to waste (or goes to the rats tummies).

New Year is a holiday although I have work on New Year's Eve. 

See you then! 

06 December 2009

The French Baker Lunch

The French Baker Lunch
December 6, 2009
by Brian Ong

After coming from The Manila Auto Salon 2009 at the SMX in Pasay, my dad and I decided to have lunch in SM Mall of Asia, specifically in The French Baker. Since I was a kid (or as long as I have known so), The French Baker's already serving quality breads and bake-shop items, which I enjoyed as I grew up.

"The French Baker has built its success out of its Founder and President Johnlu G. Koa’s vision for innovation: to take the idea of the neighborhood bakery to the next level, allowing every Filipino to enjoy freshly-baked, high-quality, and affordable breads," as its website tells us how this 20-year-old-industry came to be.

We ordered Caesar Salad, Soup in a Bread Bowl and Clubhouse Sandwich. All three are delicious and really filling. The prices of the dishes are quite affordable.


"Caesar Salad - Romaine and iceberg lettuces tossed with creamy dressing, fresh tomatoes, bacon chips, and parmesan cheese."


"Soup in a Bread Bowl - A best-seller! The French Baker’s soup of the day, served in hollowed-out crusty bread. Enjoy the soup and eat the bread too!"


"Clubhouse Sandwich - Chicken, ham, bacon, and cheese on white bread, served with potato chips and a side salad of greens drizzled with honey and balsamic vinegar."
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