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24 January 2013

Guest post by Aldous: La Petite Camille

La Petite Camille
Anything goes in the stomach
Aldous Calubad

 Guest post

I was lucky enough to be one of the selected bloggers to be invited to La Petite Camille’s 1st month celebration.  They just opened last December 17, 2012 and they are consistently getting a lot of customers.  The culprit is Mama Fong, the brains behind the original La Petite Camille’s original branch located in California, USA. 

Mama Fong joined forces with the same group that brought us Super Bowl of China and Chili’s to bring us La Petite Camille which is French for “little girl Camille”.  This Vietnamese restaurant used French because it symbolizes how French cuisines influenced Vietnamese restaurants. 

Mama Fong makes sure all the customers of La Petite Camille eat quality food so she personally supervised the training of the local kitchen staff of the Greenbelt 5 branch.  All of the dishes at La Petite Camille are Mama Fong’s unique creations so that sets them apart from other popular Vietnamese restaurants in the country. 

All the items in the menu are good for 2-3 persons.  Their specialties are Saigon Style BBQ Porkchop, Camille BBQ Chicken and other Vietnamese BBQ items.

Beef Look Luck | 350 PhP
Chicken fried rice | 225 PhP

Beef stew noodle soup | 245 PhP
Combination appetizer | 385 PhP
Deep-fried ice cream | 90 PhP

Iced Vietnamese coffee | 120 PhP

Pan-fried noodles with prawns | 325 PhP

Pandan and yellow mung bean | 50 PhP

Green papaya salad with prawns | 195 PhP

Pomelo salad | 245 PhP

Prawn fried rice | 255 PhP

Vermicelli salad with grilled pork and rolls | 275 PhP

Vegetarian roll | 190 PhP

Vietnamese BBQ pork | 285 PhP

Vietnamese Jell-O

La Petite Camille

La Petite Camille
Twitter: @PetiteCamillePH
2nd Level Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center Makati City
Operating Hours
11 AM to 10 PM Sunday to Thursday
11 AM to 11 PM Friday to Saturday
For inquires call 728-4695

07 January 2013

COCINA by UP JMA Great food with great company

25 January 2013  at Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman from 11am- 10pm
Contact Sarah Ampil for more details 09178464517


I miss going to these food events. Granted that a good number of booths have not-so-good food, it's always interesting to see what they have to offer! People who are already around the Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City area might be interested in dropping by.

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