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25 August 2013

Exchange Students in Japan: Filipino Performance for the Panasonic Scholarship Summer Seminar

Exchange Students in Japan: Filipino Performance for the Panasonic Scholarship Summer Seminar 
by Tiffy 

Every year, Panasonic scholars gather somewhere in Japan for all the scholars to meet. And every year, we have to make a cultural performance and battle it out with other countries for the coveted trophy (that we give back to them at the end of the night). 

Just so you know how well the Filipinos do

We usually go to where we're having the summer seminar a couple of days before so that we can practice. This time, we went to Kyoto first so that we can include our fellow scholar who had to finish his interviews and experiments before we go to Mie Prefecture for the actual event. 

Our amateur performance:

14 August 2013

Therese in the Philippines: Uncle Cheffy

I've been in the Philippines on summer vacation for the past month now, and what that means is... Eating and more eating! One of the restaurants I went to is Uncle Cheffy, located in Lucky Chinatown Mall.

Since I was only with my mom that time, we couldn't order a lot of food just for the two of us. We went with their all meat barbecued panizza, for which they are famous for, and their New England pot roast beef paired with a cup of rice.

There were 6 slices of panizza, enough for two people. We really liked it because it was cheesy and crispy. There were also good bits of BBQ although we didn't really like their meat. They also gave us an extra set of fillings for free. If you ask for another set after that, you'd have to pay extra.

After that, the roast beef and the cup of rice arrived. The beef they used was fatty and there weren't a lot of pieces so we were sorta disappointed with that. The sauce and the couple pieces of root vegetables were yummy though!

All Meat Barbecued Panizza | 235 PhP (medium), 450 PhP (family)

New England Pot Roast Beef | 280 PhP

All in all a good meal! Yum!

Have you been there? Any other recommendations? My mom and I are thinking of going back there to try their grilled oysters and other panizza flavors! You can also cross-order food from KusĂȘ, a Filipino restaurant because they have they are in the same location (same owner, perhaps?)

Address: 3rd floor Lucky Chinatown Mall Binondo, Manila
Contact #: (02) 708-9576
You can email them at or add them on Facebook!

07 August 2013

Wrong Ramen, it's so right!

Wrong Ramen
by: Brian Ong

Wrong Ramen is one of the must try ramen places in Manila. Not only does it offer mouth watering ramen concoctions you would crave for, it also offers a sleek ambiance you would wish it was the interiors of your own pad.

Going back to the mouth watering ramen concoctions, Wrong Ramen's Tonkotsu Ramen is something that would blow your mind with its rich, deep and milky pork bone broth, served with sliced pork chashu that melts in your mouth. For me, this seals the deal!

If you love something spicy, the classic Tantanmen Ramen is for you. It is made of a bold sesame broth with ground pork and shredded chashu. What's there not to love about this spicy heaven in a bowl?

If you are looking for an appetizer, try Wrong Ramen's Chicken Akuma, Japanese fried chicken in asian buffalo sauce. It is sprinkled with sesame and gives a kick in every bite. 

Something different but breaks the taste of your food is their Sweet Potato Iced Tea. Yes you read it right. It has a hint of taste of that of a sweet potato but it is also sweet and refreshing. A must try! :)

For Wrong Ramen's menu, check out the photo below.

Wrong Ramen
Burgos Circle, 1634 Fort Bonifacio
+63 2 823 8249

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