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21 May 2014

Therese in the Philippines: Gaucho Cocina y Vinos Argentinos

I spent my last birthday in the Philippines with my family, and I chose to try Gaucho for my birthday dinner. I hadn't heard a lot about this restaurant before we went there, but I knew that they served Argentinian food (based on their name) and so I wanted to try that.

The restaurant is located in the al fresco area of Robinson's Magnolia. I liked that the lighting wasn't so bright (although sometimes that's not ideal for taking pictures especially if you don't have a nice enough camera) because it created a good ambiance. It could also be because it was December (this is such a late post, I know) so they dimmed the lights down a bit and they also put Christmas lights.

Complimentary bread basket (I'm not sure if this came with the Locro or if it's really complimentary)
Locro || 320 PhP
A traditional beef stew with hominy and white beans
Falda a la Cruz (US Beef Shortplate) || 550 PhP
Served with Chimichurri Sauce, assorted organic pickles and unlimited steamed or garlic rice

I wasn't able to take down the name of this dish, sorry >.< 
Complimentary birthday cake slice
They gave me a slice of cake because it was my birthday! Yay! I assumed that it was the Chocotorta (Layered chocolate biscuit with dulce de leche cream cheese) from the looks of it, but I could be mistaken.

We loved the food! The soup was creamy and I broke the bread up into little pieces to act as croutons just so I would have something else to chew on. I think the meat that we ordered were cooked just right. It wasn't dry and it was tender. The sauce also complemented the meat, in my opinion. I just wasn't a big fan of the organic pickles. We also liked the roasted (?) garlic. Originally, we didn't want to eat it because we've never had it like that, but my mom said that it's delicious so we all tried it and yes, it was delicious. I'd love to go back and try their other dishes. I also want to try their wines, because there should be a reason why they have "Vinos Argentinos" (Argentinian wines) in their name. Gotta save up for that though, as wines (especially imported ones) tend to be pricier.

Have you been to Gaucho? How was your experience?

Location: 3rd Floor Al Fresco, The Park at Robinsons Magnolia (Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City)
Contact details: + 63 2 654 3148
Operating hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-2:00
Facebook page:
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