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29 November 2012

Glossybox Japan: November 2012

Glossybox Japan: November 2012
By: Tiffy

I like skin care products and I like trying out new products. So when I figured out that Glossybox is available in Japan, I wanted to sign up for it. Unfortunately, it was all sold out and the first subscription I can get was the July 2012 Glossybox. 

Fast-forward to November. I got my fourth Glossybox this morning and I am very happy with what I got.

The mandatory group shot

Lush Japan Enchanted Eye Cream
Full size 
45g for ¥3860

Daily Delight lip balm
Full size
One for ~¥609

Beashow by Noz ビショウ・バイ・ノズ
Sample set (2)
Head spa shampoo 10ml (full size 300ml ¥1029)
Smooth care shampoo 10ml (full size 300ml ¥1029)
Damage care treatement 10g (full size 240g ¥1260) 

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream 20g 
(123g for ¥1575)

Embryolisse moisture cream 5ml
75ml for ¥2940
30ml for ¥1575

02 November 2012

Dolcelli's Mango Royale

Dolcelli's Mango Royale
By Nicole

I looooove mangoes so I was thrilled to have a taste of this cake.

The base of this cake was interesting. Made of crushed graham, nuts, and I think I tasted rice krispies there too, its texture was chewy and its taste was somehow similar to sans rival. It reminded me a bit of my childhood - for two seconds, I had an Antoine Ego-in-Ratatouille-kind-of-moment there (good sign).

Sugar paranoids might like this cake because it is not sweet. You might back off a little bit since this cake is loaded with cream. It would've been really good if the base was thicker and had lesser cream (just my opinion). The thick cream was also the reason why this cake was not full of flavour.

You don't normally smell cakes but oh the fragrance of mangoes! The mangoes used in this cake, I can tell, were good ones. Reasons - they made the cake smell so good and those mangoes on top tasted fresh and sweet. Although mangoes are available in the Philippines all year round, during the wet season, they don't taste as good as those which you can eat during summer.  So I was impressed that Dolcelli's Mango Royale cake has royal tasting mangoes (in other words, delicious ripe mangoes).

It was delivered to my office so I wasn't able to photograph it on a decent plate >.<

Dolcelli is a "dessert boutique" where you can buy cakes designed by its owner, cake artist and baker Denise. They offer celebration cakes, cup cakes, wedding cakes, and specialty cakes. Check out their Facebook page  - here  you can see Denise's creations. Really cute designs! You might want to visit their website too for a complete list of products.

Unit A1, 618 Kathrina Building, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City
267-2468; 0922 – 8162468

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