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30 March 2012

Therese in the Philippines: Mesa Filipino Moderne

Intro: You probably don't know this, but I went home to the Philippines last January. In the span of the 9 days that I was there, I tried 5 new restaurants around the metro, and I even went out of town! Therefore, let me take a short break from my Taiwan posts and in my next few entries, I am going to write about the new places I've been to in and around the metro!

My bloc mates and I were supposed to have a dinner reunion at Yabu in SM Megamall but unfortunately, when we got there, we were put on the waiting list. We didn't want to wait for a long time, so we decided to eat at Mesa Filipino Moderne, which is located almost beside Yabu, instead.

We were seated at this table that had 2 long benches surrounding it. What we didn't like about it was that there wasn't enough space (it was very cramped) so it was hard for us to sit down and move around.

Moving on to the food...

Baby squid in olive oil | 270php

I loved this because the squid was tender and cooked just right (in my opinion). Also, they're very cute!

Pasta kaldereta | 165php
If you're a fan of kaldereta and of tomato sauce, then you're going to love this. The flavors were just right. This could very well be a comfort food.

Salpicao ostrich | 320php
I also liked this because the ostrich meat was tender. I think ostrich meat tastes a bit like chicken/beef but it's not totally the same, and you could actually taste that from eating this. I also like how they were cut into bite-sized portions, because the last time I ate ostrich meat, it was hard and the cuts were huge (maybe that's why it was hard?)

Sisig rice | 170php

We wanted to order the Laing rice but it wasn't available. We settled for this instead, but there was nothing special with this dish. It didn't taste much like sisig.

Tofu sisig | 130php
We also liked this one because of the juiciness (?) of the tofu along with the sisig.

In conclusion, I/we liked their food because it was delicious, and it's not all that expensive. Though it may look like the servings are small, they're actually very filling. We were a group of 7 and we all got full after. Also, each person paid less than 200php for dinner!

Location: SM Megamall
Level 2, Mega Atrium
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City

27 March 2012

Tiffy: Revisiting Pizza Hut

Revisiting Pizza Hut
January 1, 2012
by Tiffy

I don't know about you but Pizza Hut was the place that my family and I go to every Sunday when we go out. I have fond memories of the place.

Really looking forward to getting some pizza! 

Aglio Olio | Php 109 | USD 3.49

3-Cheese Bacon & Spinach | Php 329 | USD 7.51

If you're looking for some greasy loving, you know where to go. 

24 March 2012

Therese in the Philippines: Bon Chon Chicken

Intro: You probably don't know this, but I went home to the Philippines last January. In the span of the 9 days that I was there, I tried 5 new restaurants around the metro, and I even went out of town! Therefore, let me take a short break from my Taiwan posts and in my next few entries, I am going to write about the new places I've been to in and around the metro!

I first heard about Bon Chon Chicken around 2 years ago, when it was still new. I had always wanted to try it but back then, their only branch was in Makati and I don't really like going there. Long story short, I was finally able to try it at their Regis Center, Katipunan branch.

According to their official website, BonChon is a Korean word meaning "Original Village." They promise crispy, juice, and flavorful chicken.

It was a struggle for us to order because there weren't menus available by the counter, and the big screens behind the counter were moving. The screens would change items every few seconds. After a couple of minutes of intently looking at the screens, I finally decided on the Boxed Meal C - Drumsticks/Thigh Ricebox. What's good about this set is you could mix and match the parts. I only got the 1 piece thigh (95php) though. You could opt for the 2 pieces set, which costs 145php.

After ordering, you have the option of going for the Soy Garlic Sauce or the Hot Sauce. Since I'm not a really big fan of spicy food, I went for the former. True enough, the chicken was crispy, juicy, and flavorful.

My friend ordered the Kimchi coleslaw (45php) along with her meal, and I was able to take a bite. We weren't big fans because it didn't have that spicy kick that Kimchi is supposed to have.

They currently have 13 branches around the metro. You can check out for the list of branches and for the menu as well. It would help to at least have an idea of what you want to order because the screen really is confusing! Had I known that they have bulgogi wraps (among other things), I would have ordered that too. Maybe next time!

19 March 2012

Katipunan: Tia Maria's Cantina

Katipunan: Tia Maria's Cantina
December 15, 2011
By Tiffy

Even though I've studied at the University of the Philippines for 5 years now, I've never been to Cantina. As far as I know, it's a popular drinking place for the students around the area.

I was at the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM)'s Christmas party when a bunch of us decided to eat somewhere else afterwards.

Nachos Grande | Php 335 | USD 7.65

The thing I hate about eating nachos is that the salsa and cheese are usually all on top and by the time you reach the bottom of the plate, there's no more of the salsa or cheese left. But this one did not disappoint.

Piña colada pitcher | Php 240 | USD 5.48
Piña colada glass | Php 90 | USD 2.05

The pitcher is pretty small--around 4 glasses. It wasn't good. This is by far the worst piña colada I've ever had. It was tasteless and didn't feel like it had any alcohol in it. 

Carne Asada Quesadillas | Php 245 | USD 5.59

Their quesadillas were really good. I would definitely go back even for just this dish. 

Any other dish you would recommend?

Tia Maria's, Katipunan 
(right beside Shakey's)
Katipunan Ave. cor. Alvero St.,
Loyola Heights Quezon City,
Metro Manila Philippines
(02) 426-2350

It's open everyday from 11 AM to 2 AM except on Sundays when they close at 12 MN.

16 March 2012

Yummy Magazine: March 2012

YUMMY magazine celebrates fifth anniversary with an all-new look

Say hello to the fresh new look of YUMMY magazine this March! Following the introduction of new sections and columns, YUMMY puts the final touches on its makeover as the pages in the fifth anniversary special are revitalized and injected with a more energetic vibe to better enhance your reading and cooking experience.

“It’s a new look, yes, but you’ll also see that we’ve upheld the YUMMY approach that has been appealing to you all these years. The recipes are still easy and friendly, the tips plentiful, and the ideas creative and inspiring,” says YUMMY editor-in-chief Becky Kho in her editor’s note.

Aside from the added features and the brand new look of the magazine, readers can also look forward to YUMMY’s annual food business features this month. The issue is packed with inspirational stories of Filipino entrepreneurs who have introduced their own homegrown brands to the market.

Food entrepreneurs Katrina Ponce-Enrile of Delimondo, Mary Grace Dimacali of Café Mary Grace, and Peter Chen and Juliet Herrera of Serenitea show you how you can make that big leap to entrepreneurship. Be inspired by their success stories and learn how you can turn your own fascination with food into a business.

Plus, YUMMY gives you a primer on bottling, which covers preparing containers for long-term preserving and proper canning techniques. Learn also how you can make your own spreads, jams, and condiments, all in this month’s issue.

12 March 2012

Tiffy: John Robert Powers Experience

John Robert Powers Experience
by Tiffy
February 18, 2012

Manila Foodistas was fortunate enough to be invited by John Robert Powers to attend their Visual Poise Class. I've been hearing about JRP from TV shows when the various hosts would thank JRP for this and that. JRP also gives out gift certificates to a lot of school organizations.

The whole place feels intimidating. Since it's the "founder of modern day billion dollar modelling industry", I was pretty sure that everyone had already noticed what a klutz I am. 

Our classroom

Different classes being conducted

Skirt and high heels for the ladies!

Our instructor, Ms. Rosky Balahadia Hilado
(who also instructs a class on social and business etiquette)

The visual poise class teaches you the importance of correct posture in developing self-esteem, inner-confidence, and positive attitude. It also emphasizes the value of good posture and the integration of body movements in enhancing agility and developing graceful movements. 

There are three levels and the class includes coaching in walking, sitting, rising, hand positions, going up and down the stairs, and more.

For the two hours of class that we had, we learned how to stand up--where to put our hands, how to position our feet, how to pull yourself up and make yourself look taller than you really are, how to walk, et cetera.

It was a pretty interesting class and I'm pretty sure that I'd probably take it if I have some spare cash lying around.

They have other classes as well and they're all aimed at helping you with your personal, social, and professional advancement. It emphasizes self-knowledge, communication skills, interpersonal skills, image, and personal style.

11 March 2012

Summer is hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Schick, & Nuffnang

My ideal Nuffnang summer is...

...a summer spent eating and drinking my favorite cold treats!


Summer for me is good because random road trips, sand, sun and warm weather! But it's even better because it is then that cold treats take a front seat. I'm a dairy lover, so I enjoy eating food like halo-halo, ice cream, cake, and drinks like fruit and milk shakes.

Lately, my office mates and I have been going on milk tea breaks during lunch. Though I am not a fan of milk tea, I still like Serenitea's Green Apple Yakult and Happy Lemon's Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese. My most favorite however, is Chatime's Chocolate Mousse.


I also got in touch with the ice-cream lover and me and tried out Selecta's Magnum Almond Ice Cream. The outer coating is so rich with almonds! It's kinda expensive though, for ice cream, at P55 (at MiniStop).

My other favorite treat is Big Chill's Banana Peanut shake (PhP 50, small). It sounds weird to mix peanut in a fruit shake, but it was way better than the ordinary banana smoothie. It's definitely a must try.

So summer's definitely near and the heat is intensifying! Treat yourself with some cold food or drinks and be refreshed! There's a reason why living in a tropical country is an experience in itself!

Your perfect summer pals: Schick ("Schick. Free your skin.") and Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion ("We've got you covered.") are your perfect summer pals for your beach adventures this summer.

09 March 2012

Therese in Taiwan: Homemade bread pudding

There was a time when I would occasionally crave for bread pudding, so when I'd see it on the menu, I'd immediately order it. Once, my friends and I went to Borough and I ordered their bread and butter pudding. Yum!

Borough's bread and butter pudding (picture taken last June 2011)

I knew from watching some cooking shows that it's easy to make, but since I'm not known to be an awesome cook/baker, I didn't know how to start. Luckily, my aunt loves to cook and she recently taught me how to make bread pudding.

The ingredients you would need are:
  • leftover bread
  • egg
  • sugar
  • milk

What you need to do are the following:
  • tear the bread up into pieces (you decide how big or small they should be - it doesn't really matter) and put them in an oven container (like the one in the picture)
  • crack the egg into a bowl, add the milk and sugar and then beat all the ingredients together
  • pour the mixture over the bread, fully covering it in the process
  • place the container into the oven and bake at around 200-250 degrees (if I'm not mistaken) for 10-15 minutes.
  • if you're a fan of cheese like we are, you can also add some before putting the container into the oven 

There you have it! Enjoy the yummy goodness of bread pudding!

06 March 2012

Classic Cuisine at Summit Circle Cebu Hotel

I recently stayed at the newly refurbished Summit Circle Cebu Hotel (previously Cebu Midtown Hotel) along Fuente Osmena Cicle in Cebu City. The hotel's cafe/restaurant is now managed by C2 Classic Cuisine Philippines of the Cravings. It's the first out-of-Manila venture of the group, and they placed C2 Classic Cuisine which served really nicely done Filipino food in Cebu. Let's see how the Cebuanos will like the restaurant.


After checking in we were treated to a nice dinner, with a menu specially made for us. But before that we were served these appetizers or treats. There was the... Boneless Chicken Stew Supreme Vol Au Vent,


Bruschetta of Spicy Sausage with Mozzarella,


Brazilian Beef and Cheese Quesadilla,


They also served this Skewer of grape, olive, cubed cheese with a pomelo-liquer sauce, Seafood Brochette, and some desserts.


For the menu prepared for us, first up was the Molo Soup C2 Style, which was my actual favorite in Classic Cuisine. The soup's just yummy, and the molo just tender and melts in your mouth.


Another star of the night was the C2 Crispy Kare-Kare, think Crispy Pata and Kare-Kare sauce and Bagoong. The combination of all 3 is just the bomb! :)


They served the Lumpiang Hubad next, which should be vegetables wrapped in lumpia or spring rolls wrapper, but this time around, all the vegetables were exposed and served on a plate, while the wrapper was deep fried.


The Seared Tilapia in Coconut Emulsion sauce is another bestseller in C2 Classic Cuisine Manila. If you're looking for something seafood or fish to try, this is a must. The Seafood Inasal is another seafood dish which is good if you want a variety of seafood in a dish.


For dessert we were served the leche flan, which was so creamy and it melts really well in your mouth. It's just the way I want my flan. Another dessert was their famous Bibingka Souffle, which crumbles just right, and if paired with the sauce, it tastes like heaven.


C2 Classic Cuisine Philippines's newest out of town branch is located at the Summit Circle Cebu Hotel lobby at the 4th floor of the building, Cebu City.

04 March 2012

Tiffy: Racks at SM Megamall A

Whenever I go out with friends, where to eat is always a problem. It was quite a relief when one of my friends suggested a place at once: Racks. 

Now I've eaten at Racks once or twice before. With this kind of place, however, I would tend to focus more on the company and the ambiance of the place rather than the food. The food is good enough, and the serving is huge. It's that kind of place. 

We ordered a the Surf 'n' Turf family platter (Php 1,999 | USD 45.47) that included three side dishes and two pitchers of any coke product (additional charge if you want iced tea).

Garlic bread. So greasy it's sinful.

Our side dishes. I loved their mac and cheese! 
(We also had a plate of fries but it was too far from where I was seated)

Fish 'n chips. The fish is really soft and good. I'd order this any time.

You have two choices: red sauce or white sauce on your spaghetti.

Racks Pork Ribs 

Address: 3/F Bridgeway, SM Megamall A
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Avenue
Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila Philippines 
Number: (02) 706-5427
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