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23 August 2009

Xtreme Cheese Pizzas for MEN

Greenwich recently launched their Xtreme Cheese Pizzas for MEN - the Philly Cheese Steak Overload, with half-pound of roast beef, double layer of mozzarella and cream cheeses, and the Monster Cheese & Pepperoni Overload, with 100% more pepperoni and double layer of mozzarella cheese.

These new additions are priced the same as their Overloaded Xtreme Cheese Pizzas (Extreme Cheese & Sausage Overload, Cheese Blockbuster Overload, and 5 Cheeses & Garlic Overload) which start at Php 307 for the Rolled-Edge Thick Crust Double and Php 263 for the Thin & Crispy Crust Double, and increase accordingly as per size of pizza (Family, 18" Blowout/Party Square)


I love the mix of the Philly Cheese Steak, a cheesier pizza with roast beef, fresh crunchy green bell-pepper, and of course, the star, the cheeses. It's quite interesting to note though that they have been advertising this on print and on the television as pizzas "for MEN". It might not exclude women from buying and trying their pizzas, but it's quite discriminating and exclusivist in my opinion.

Photos taken by Bong's Sony Ericsson W760i

18 August 2009

Tiffy in Japan | 花茶 Cafe and Dining

Tiffy's Stay in Japan
花茶 | Ka Tja Cafe and Dining
Restaurant across the street from Nagoya City Museum

On my fifth day of my internship last term, we went to Nagoya City Museum and Nagoya Science Museum. After our trip to Nagoya City Museum, we ate at a restaurant across the street from the museum.


And their lunch set costs around ¥600. Pretty affordable.


The lunch came with stuffed meatloaf, rice, and soup. And the place is pretty quaint. It's small and cozy. It looks like a small house turned restaurant. The place can probably only serve 20 odd people at a time.

16 August 2009

Tiffy in Japan | きし麺

Tiffy's Stay in Japan
桜や | Sakura-ya
Restaurant in Kanayama

Last month, right after classes ended, I started my internship with Nagoya Congress Center. The second to the last day of internship, I was assigned at the information center at Kanayama Station. And my boss treated me to lunch.

Since I haven't eaten きし麺 (kishimen) before, she told me to try it. Kishimen is a long flat noodle that is native to Nagoya.


Kishimen isn't really about the flavor more that it's about the noodles :P

12 August 2009

Japanese Burger Master, Sango!

Sango Japanese Burger

I have learned about Sango! from fellow Foodista, Hannah. Quite a lot of times, I heard how she loves and craves for their Yakiniku Rice Burger with Kimchi. This is why when I saw Sango! by chance when I was with my friends after a meeting, I immediately invited them to try it with me.

Sango Yakiniku Rice Burger

I got the Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger without Kimchi (Php 109) since I am not fond of the Korean pickled dishes made of vegetables with varied seasonings. The rice burger is made of beef strips sandwiched in between very yummy Japanese rice patties, with lettuce and some Japanese mayo. I instantly fell in love with this one of a kind burger - definitely a lot better than the rice burgers McDonalds had before in the market.


The Burger Master, as it calls its line of Japanese burgers, is truly one of a kind. You might be skeptical with the concept of Japanese food mixed with American burgers, but I can attest that you'll surely crave for more once you've tried it. It has this evident Japanese balance and quality which you'll truly enjoy.

Next time I would want to try thier Sango Master Cheeseburger. :)

Sango! The Burger Master is located at the Ground Floor of the Pearl Drive Plaza, Pearl Drive St., Ortigas Center. They also have a branch in Makati and in Alabang (where Hannah says serve yummier burgers). You may call them at 636-1991 for deliveries

Review and Photo by Bong

08 August 2009

Tiffy in Japan | The Tower Restaurant Nagoya

Tiffy's Stay in Japan
The Tower Restaurant Nagoya
Sakae TV Tower

Earlier that day, I went to Seto with Kenji and his family (I teach him and his wife and son English) to this glassblowing studio to make our own masterpieces. Sadly enough, on my first try, the guy had to throw away the glass and we had to redo it because I didn't blow into the pole right.


It's really not as easy as it looks. Or maybe that's just me! Plus, that place was soooo hot. It was around 50 degrees in there. But I can't really complain since I love the glass cup that I half-made (I say half cause the guy who was guiding me through it practically did most of the glass-making). So you can say that I now own a glass cup that I made by myself -- a glass that cost Kenji ¥3,200.

After the glassblowing experience, we went to Sakae to have lunch since I had job interview at Oasis 21. I thought that we were going to eat at a place where they sell rice bowls since Yuuka, their daughter, wanted a udon. But no... We went to The Tower Restaurant Nagoya to have lunch.

I wanted to order the pasta set, which costs ¥1,800. But Kenji insisted that I order the lunch set, which costs ¥3,000. I insisted on getting the pasta but then he ordered so I wasn't able to get a word in. I really did want pasta, though :c It wasn't about the price, but oh well!

I'd tell you what's on the menu but it's in Japanese and I was barely able to read the English translations (fancy food terms escape me, I fail) so bear with me D:


This entrée had a sweet-sour taste to it. I especially liked the octopus. It was yummy.


The next entrée had fish sashimi on top of cucumbers surrounded by puréed pickles.


The soup? Mais con yelo, anyone? It was cold, too!


Medium rare pork -- just the way I like it.


And let me just say -- peach is my favorite fruit now.

I wasn't able to see the the Tower Restaurant at night but I was able to find a picture online.

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