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13 February 2013

In Makati: Little Tokyo

In Makati: Little Tokyo
by: Nicole

Want to experience Tokyo without having to shell out thousands of pesos? You don't really need to apply for a Japanese visa, ride an airplane to have a little taste of Tokyo. Just go to Makati and say konnichiwa to Little Tokyo!

Yes, folks! That picture above is in Makati City, Philippines! :D Little Tokyo is comprised of Japanese restaurants which serve authentic Japanese meals. What makes this place authentic? Well, the owners of those restaurants and the people who cook the food they serve are Japanese!  These place is packed with Japanese people too! Now you know where to go to practice if you're learning ze language. :)

Little Tokyo is an awesome place for food trippin'! Our first stop: Okonomiyaki in Kagura Restaurant.

Okonomiyaki with squid (Php 230.00)
Good for 2 servings

Cooked by, I believe, the owner himself (the guy on the right in the photo below). One order of this is already filling for two. My friend and I ordered the okonomiyaki with squid - yummy! Next time, I'm trying the one with noodles!

Interior of Kagura Restaurant.

Lemme guess. The owner is a huge Tigers fan - a Japanese baseball team, obviously! The place if filled with all sorts of Tigers' knickknacks; even the TV screens are tuned in a Tigers' exclusive cable channel. :D

Oh look!  I don't know what this is called so let's just call it " traditional Japanese dining table." You know, where you have to take your shoes off and sit or kneel on those pillows. :)

After the okonomiyaki, our next stop was the Hana restaurant for takuyaki, ramen, and the super yummy Ramune shaved ice.

We chose to have the shaved ice first since it was the quickest one to prepare. BOY OH BOY OH BOY! THIS IS ONE OF A KIND! A really must try! It's flavour is so unique that I'm coming back to eat it again! It's so yummy -- an ultimate summer dessert! So happy eating it! Oh those scenes in the anime where the characters are eating this flash in my mind ha, ha!

Ramune Shaved Ice (Php 80.00)
with milk (Php 90.00)
Good for 2 servings

Then came my ramen. I told my friend I was not leaving that place until I get to eat a bowl of ramen! Ha, ha! I chose their bestseller - the shoyu ramen. It has pork slices, naruto, seaweed, and egg. I've never been so satisfied in a bowl of ramen until I got to eat this!  BURP!

Shoyu Ramen (Php 200.00)
Good for 2-3 servings

When I was about to finish my ramen, our takuyaki balls were served. My friend and I were already so full that we only got to eat one takuyaki each! We took home what's left. :) Just in case you're wondering what's inside each takuyaki ball, it's got squid, onions, and orange-colored ginger (which I thought carrots but the lady who's cooking told me those were minced ginger). :D

Takuyaki (Php 120.00 for 6 pcs)
My friend describes each piece as big as a baby's fist :D

 One of the things I like I about Little Tokyo is that each restaurant has its own specialty which you might not order from the other. I've tried two of Little Tokyo's restaurants so far - the okonomiyaki resto and the takuyaki one. Next time, I'm trying the one which speciality is sushi, the one on grilled stuff, and etcetera. Awesome place to hang out with friends and colleagues on a Friday night after work!

How to get to Little Tokyo? Click here for the map. Your primary landmark, there's McDonald's in front of the entrance.

Little Tokyo
2277 Pasong Tamo Corner Amorsolo Street, Makati, Philippines

04 February 2013

In Makati: Burrito by Cantina Deliciosa

In Makati: Burrito by Cantina Deliciosa
by Nicole

Citizens of the Philippines, pearl of the Orient Sea, I present to you the most sulit, authentic, and absolutely delicioso burrito - the burrito by Cantina Deliciosa! 

Chorizo burrito (Php 80.00)

Words are not enough really to entice you to try this burrito. I swear, just go to their stall and grab one! You can have it with chorizo (a personal favorite) or steak, or chipotle spicy beef, or what they call the Triple "B" Breakfast burrito (which has bacon). With garlic or spicy or combo sauce, your choice - it's really gooooooooooood!

You can have it sliced into two - good for lunch and dinner since  one order of this is like eating one round from the buffet table - heavy! :)

It was one of my colleagues who introduced me to Cantina Deliciosa (Spanish for delicious canteen - truly lives up to its name!). When I was still new at work, he told me about this food stall which serves authentic Mexican food (that colleague grew up in Mexico so he really knows what authentic Mexican food tastes like). One lunch time, I went with him to buy lunch at Cantina Deliciosa and voila! Since then, I've been going back.

So, if you're somewhere in Ayala avenue during lunch time, you can either go to 2F Standard Chartered Building or at the Galleon Food Court (Lepanto Building) near Insular and look for Cantina Deliciosa. By the way, they don't just offer burrito, they've got other really good Mexican/Spanish food as well - enchillada, quesadillas, flautas, paellas (available on Paella Thursday - paella negra and valenciana), meatballs, mexican rice, oh just check their menu below! :) 

For the complete menu details, check their Facebook page here. They serve special dishes which vary every day so check them out! :)

The creators/owners of Cantina Deliciosa are Spanish. James, one of the owners, looks Mexican but he's not. I remember he and his wife telling me that their ancestors are from Spain. They speak Spanish hence if you're learning the language and want to practice while ordering a really g-o-o-d and satisfying meal both for your tummy and pockets, their food stall is the best place to be! BUEN PROVECHO! HAPPY EATING!

Cantina Deliciosa
Branch 1: 2F Standard Chartered Building, Ayala Avenue
Branch 2: Galleon Food Court, Lepanto Building, Paseo de Roxas Avenue
0917-892-2885 / 400-3399
Monday to Friday: 10:30 - 18:30

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