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02 December 2012

Tokyo Bubble Tea's Milk Tea Tower


The milk tea craze hit us hard this year, with various milk tea brands popping out of nowhere with flavors you never knew could go with tea! Tokyo Bubble Tea, however, has been around longer than most milk tea establishments. I frequent TBT for their yummy katsudon and Yakinuku Beef Rice, perfectly paired with any cold milk tea drink.

Last Month, my friends and I decided to try their Milk Tea Tower with three flavors to choose from - royal, pearl, and chocolate milk tea. The tower is PhP699 and is good for 6 – 8 persons. We chose Royal Milk Tea, a right level of sweetness that goes well with the salty and tangy taste of most of their jap dishes. They gave us glasses with ice, and served the pears separately. 

We didn’t think we could finish the whole thing, but we ended up savouring it up to the last drop! Perfect for barkadas catching up on a lazy afternoon. Cheers!

29 November 2012

Glossybox Japan: November 2012

Glossybox Japan: November 2012
By: Tiffy

I like skin care products and I like trying out new products. So when I figured out that Glossybox is available in Japan, I wanted to sign up for it. Unfortunately, it was all sold out and the first subscription I can get was the July 2012 Glossybox. 

Fast-forward to November. I got my fourth Glossybox this morning and I am very happy with what I got.

The mandatory group shot

Lush Japan Enchanted Eye Cream
Full size 
45g for ¥3860

Daily Delight lip balm
Full size
One for ~¥609

Beashow by Noz ビショウ・バイ・ノズ
Sample set (2)
Head spa shampoo 10ml (full size 300ml ¥1029)
Smooth care shampoo 10ml (full size 300ml ¥1029)
Damage care treatement 10g (full size 240g ¥1260) 

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream 20g 
(123g for ¥1575)

Embryolisse moisture cream 5ml
75ml for ¥2940
30ml for ¥1575

02 November 2012

Dolcelli's Mango Royale

Dolcelli's Mango Royale
By Nicole

I looooove mangoes so I was thrilled to have a taste of this cake.

The base of this cake was interesting. Made of crushed graham, nuts, and I think I tasted rice krispies there too, its texture was chewy and its taste was somehow similar to sans rival. It reminded me a bit of my childhood - for two seconds, I had an Antoine Ego-in-Ratatouille-kind-of-moment there (good sign).

Sugar paranoids might like this cake because it is not sweet. You might back off a little bit since this cake is loaded with cream. It would've been really good if the base was thicker and had lesser cream (just my opinion). The thick cream was also the reason why this cake was not full of flavour.

You don't normally smell cakes but oh the fragrance of mangoes! The mangoes used in this cake, I can tell, were good ones. Reasons - they made the cake smell so good and those mangoes on top tasted fresh and sweet. Although mangoes are available in the Philippines all year round, during the wet season, they don't taste as good as those which you can eat during summer.  So I was impressed that Dolcelli's Mango Royale cake has royal tasting mangoes (in other words, delicious ripe mangoes).

It was delivered to my office so I wasn't able to photograph it on a decent plate >.<

Dolcelli is a "dessert boutique" where you can buy cakes designed by its owner, cake artist and baker Denise. They offer celebration cakes, cup cakes, wedding cakes, and specialty cakes. Check out their Facebook page  - here  you can see Denise's creations. Really cute designs! You might want to visit their website too for a complete list of products.

Unit A1, 618 Kathrina Building, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City
267-2468; 0922 – 8162468

23 October 2012

Lifestyle: Jim Whitaker's Rebirth

Lifestyle: Jim Whitaker's Rebirth
By: Tiffy

A bit of good news everyone: I passed my entrance examination of the Graduate Program in Sustainability Science. Starting next year April, I will now officially be a graduate school student. In the meantime, I'm doing the literature review of my research. My professor has thankfully been really supportive and has been giving me good advice. 

Student life shouldn't all be about reading and studying, however, lest I lose my mind. So recently I applied and was selected to be one of the CoFesta Student Ambassadors. CoFesta is a Japanese contents industry festival where events are connected with the different industries like games, animation, manga, characters, broadcast, music, and film. 

Aside from the Grand Ceremony, I also get invited to events related to the industry. 

Last night, I attended the US-Japan Film Academy Talk and Screening Event held in Roppongi Academyhills which was really cool because we got to attend it for free and registered at the press table.

It was a screening of Rebirth, directed by Jim Whitaker. Rebirth is a documentary about the people affected by the 911 tragedy.


Jim Whitaker talking about how he got into the film industry 

Also there was Rachel Gandin Mark, a former student of USC School of Cinematic Arts, who talked some more about the film industry and the pathways you can take if you want to be a certain type of film major.

The audience were also able to ask Jim Whitaker questions about his career and his film.

Six months before 911, Jim Whitaker's mother passed away. And this grief was part of the impetus of doing this documentary. 

When he was considering the people to include in the film, he looked into the firefighters, people who lost someone, people who were directly affected, and so on. When he approached them, he initially told them that he intends to interview them once a year for 10 years. After the 4th and 5th year, however, he realized that there was significant changes in his subjects' lives: one of the subjects who lost her fiance got married, the boy who lost his mother graduated, and so on. So that was when he knew that he was nearing the end. 

According to Whitaker, it wasn't easy deciding the final subjects: a subject pulled out during the initial interviews, some people that he contacted stopped responding to his calls, he had to cut out some people from the final film...

While filming, the final subjects weren't allowed to see the footage of their interviews until the final product so as not to affect how they act during interviews. 

It is a very emotional film and a lot of us in the audience were sniffling as we listened to what the people in the documentary had to say. 

 CoFesta Student Ambassadors with Jim Whitaker

16 October 2012

Tiffy in Japan: Burdock-flavored Rice

Tiffy in Japan: Burdock-flavored Rice

ミツカン 釜めしの素 香りごぼう (208g)

The truth is, I'm not really very experimental when it comes to buying stuff from the supermarket. It's mostly because my boyfriend helps me do the grocery and his mom sends me a lot of foodstuff. This was one of them. 

2-3 cups of rice and add the stuff in. I usually make 3 so that I can put everything else in the fridge and eat it for the next 2-3 days. 

After 15-30 minutes (depending on the setting I choose)

Mix it all up and you're done.

It has a chicken-something taste to it and it smells REALLY good. Sometimes, I make onigiri for breakfast using this rice. 

10 October 2012

Claudette's Cloud 9

Claudette's Cloud 9
by Nicole

Presenting the most heavenly cake yet in the metro! Say hello to the Cloud 9 by Claudette's!!! :D

Cloud 9
(Php 380.00)
This is the cake everybody will certainly love, your tastebuds will most definitely approve, and heck you will crave for more! Three reasons - the sweetness is perfect (absolutely NOT like the other cakes that you'll get tonsillitis after eating), it is moist, and it is fudgy. A triple threat cake that's true to its name! You'll feel like in a special cloud after eating it, I swear! And oh a bonus - it does not cost much.

If you're in the Makati CBD area, there's no way you should miss this! Time to ditch those usual cakes and introduce your palate to this delightful dessert.

Cakes by Claudette's
Dolly Sin, Cappuccino Cake, Dulce de Leche, Carrot Walnut, Sansrival, Brazo de Mercedes, Caramel Crunch
Cheescakes: Blueberry, New York, Toblerone, 

Claudette's serves meals as well - different pasta dishes and rice meal. You might want to try their spicy pork (if I remember that right) - it's good too! 

Address and Telephone number:

Ground Floor Easton Place
118 Valero St.
Makati City
(02) 843-3996

30 September 2012

Troy in New York: Toni Pepperoni

I have always been a fan of buffets. So when I got my first ever paycheck from school, I did not hesitate going to this Italian restaurant at 4224 Maple Road, beside the North Campus of SUNY-Buffalo.

I saw this small advertisement of Toni Pepperoni during my first week in Buffalo: all you can eat buffet for only $ 6.25. This very student-friendly price offers a large selection of over 15 different pizzas (I looove the dessert pizza!), chicken fingers, meatballs, fried dough, and garden salad. (And don't forget the soup!)

I forgot to tell about the additional tax (yeah, prices here in the United States are always before-tax): $ 0.55. But hey, for $ 6.80 I got my more than my money's worth. Like I promised the cheery owner, I am definitely going back. You should go too, when you visit the Queen City of the Great Lakes.

Visit their websites at:
Amherst/Buffalo branch:
Lockport/West Seneca branch:

13 September 2012

Therese in Taiwan: Skylark California Steak and Grill 加州風洋食館

When one of our uncles came to Taiwan for a short vacation, some of my cousins and I took the opportunity to try out new restaurants. One of the places we went to is Skylark California Steak & Grill 加州風洋食館.

For dinner, you can choose to upgrade an a la carte order to a set meal by adding 110 NTD (~165PhP). You get soup, bread, and a drink with that. You can also add another 50 NTD (~75PhP) for dessert.

鮮菇培根炒時蔬 Sauteed Green Vegetable with Porcini Soy Sauce and Mushroom

Different types of bread

百香芒果氣泡飲料 Passionfruit and Mango Lemonade

蛤肉巧達湯 Clam Chowder

香辣咖哩海鮮炒飯 Seafood Pilaf Curry Flavor | 180 NTD (~270PhP)

日式咖哩牛肉焗飯 Curry Doria | 190 NTD

雞肉焗飯 Chicken Doria | 150 NTD (~225PhP)

莫札瑞拉漢堡排 Hamburg Steak with Mozzarella Cheese

紐約起士蛋糕 New York Cheese Cake
You can check out their website here.
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