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29 April 2009

Food Finds | Ateneo Rockwell Cafeteria

Makati has a lot of good food places! Ever since, I have been complaining not being able to try out different restaurants which can be found around the Makati area because of its proximity to my residence. But now, I have been interning at a government office located in Makati; and since I started, I have been plotting restaurants which I'll be trying (hopefully sooner than later).

For now, I have been stuck to bringing packed food for lunch. If I do not have any baon, as Filipinos call it, I'm eating in the canteen at our office.

Makati Cuisine at Ateneo canteen

Today was different. My friend Rog brought me to the Ateneo Professional (Rockwell) Schools' Cafeteria or Canteen, as others would like to call it. We ate there. The Cafeteria is being run by Makati Cuisine, which does catering as well.

Surprisingly, the food there is a lot better than the food in our office's canteen (thank goodness!). For around Php 45-60 (US$1.00-1.30) you'll already have a decent meal.

Ateneo Rockwell Canteen

They served Chicken Cacciatore (Php 47), Chinese Beef (Php 55) and Grilled Porkchops (Php 47) earlier. Rog and I had the Chinese Beef and Grilled Porkchop. It's both delicious and flavorful. The beef was soft, the pork chops good for the price. I was fulfilled, and my belly satisfied.

The Ateneo Rockwell Cafeteria is located at 1st Floor, Ateneo Professional Schools Bldg., 130 H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines.

Reviewed by Bong.
Special thanks to Mr. Rogelio Uy.
Photography by Bong.

26 April 2009

Tiffy in Japan | Yoshinoya

Tiffy's Stay in Japan
Somewhere near Hibino station of the Meijo line in Nagoya

Sometime last week, I ventured out near Hibino station to a SoftBank store so I can cancel the services that I don't need from my mobile phone plan. While I was talking with the woman in the store, my friends showed up -- they were planning to buy prepaid phones which, unfortunately, that branch ran out of.

We were all hungry so we went to Yoshinoya, which a Japanese friend pointed out to them beforehand.


Frankly, I haven't tried the Yoshinoya in the Philippines but I think that it would be about the same except that the food quality here is better -- I love their rice, that's for sure.



18 April 2009

Jetsetting Foodistas | Nagoya: Food and Experiences

Tiffy's Stay in Japan
Jetsetting Foodistas: A Travelogue by Tiffy
Getting used to the culture: Food and experiences

As most of you probably know, I have been in Japan for more than a couple of weeks now. And the one thing that I'm loving so far is the sheer amount of food. It's everywhere. I'm not even exaggerating! Most of their local channels (or those that I've surfed so far) show different kinds of food or Japanese people eating food.

Their convenience stores (コンビニ) have whole shelves dedicated to cooked food (and onigiri ♥). The school I'm currently attending, Nagoya Gakuin University (名古屋学院大学), even has a small convenient store inside, and two cafeterias -- one on the first floor, and another one on the second floor.
You know how Japan is crazy about their vending machines, right? Well, my school isn't any different! On the first floor, there are about five vending machines that sell drinks. Two vending machines, on the other hand, sell food. Oh! The food doesn't come out of the machines, of course. It will give you a ticket that you give to the guys inside the cafeteria, and they will give you your food!
Food is yummy -- prices ranging from 200+ yen to around 400+ yen (in our cafeteria, anyway) :>
And if there's anything that I'm glad I didn't miss out on so far, it's 花見 (hanami), or flower viewing, which happened around two weeks ago. The Japanese love to have picnics when the Sakura flowers are in full bloom.
Steffi, one of the other exchange students studying in my school, is a great cook:


And our campus is pretty easy to fall in love with.


Travelogue by Tiffy.
Photos by Tiffy.
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