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29 May 2011

The Podium: Borough

24 May 2011

Restaurant Review | Lu Restaurant

Since it was my mom's birthday last April, she asked us to look for a restaurant for us to try. My sister picked Lu since she read that it served Mediterranean food with Moroccan flavors (hello Google!).

The place looks very neat and simple. It felt very casual--the sort of place where you meet friends at and just talk. I also noticed that most of the customers were middle-aged.


Lu's Sizzling Gambas
Php 385, US$ 9

By the time I brought out my phone to take a picture, everyone already grabbed some of the gambas as we were all starving.

As I was about to take my share, my mom's friend warned me that it was a little spicy.

The night just started to get better. 
I love seafood and I love spicy.

- more appetizers -

crispy prawn & shiitake spring rolls, vietnamese rice rolls with curried chicken sampler 
Php 275, US$ 6.34

argentinean hand-chopped beef empanadas 
Php 225, US$ 5.19


Falafel & Greek-style Yogurt (over mixed greens) 
Php 275, US$ 6.34

I love falafel and I love yogurt. As a student, I would frequent Mister Kabab just to have my fill of their falafel sandwich. 

My good friend Don went on a tour in Europe and told me about how he ate falafel almost every day. 

This salad was sweet and the falafel balls were a the right bit of crunchy on the outside. Yummy. 

- more salads -

sweet mandarins, goat's milk feta from davao & roasted cashews (over mixed greens)
Php 345, US$ 7.95

twisted caesar (a fusilli remix of the classic) 
allergen alert: dressing contains shrimp
Php 275, US$ 6.34

Fish & Seafood

feisty moroccan fish & shrimp brochettes (with edamame rice) 
Php 425, US$ 9.79


USDA Premium Angus Ribeye Steak (with roasted garlic & 2 sides of your choice) 500g boneless
Php 1,850, US$ 42.64

The meat so tender and the mashed pumpkin so sweet -- my kind of dish

After the steak, I was too full to even enjoy the pasta dishes that we ordered. I don't even remember what they taste like now. I just remember one of them being really spicy too. 

G/F Joya Building Joya Drive 
Rockwell Makati
Metro Manila
+63(2) 4033991
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