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21 April 2011

Taiwan Street Food: Sweet Potato Balls

One of my favorite street foods in Taiwan would have to be what they call 地瓜球 (di gua qiu) or sweet potato balls. They're deep-fried yummy little balls that are a bit sticky inside. They're 20 TWD (30 PHP) for a small serving and 30 TWD (45 PHP) for the bigger one.

It kind of reminds me of the texture of tikoy. I seriously don't know how they got it to be so sticky! I try not to eat so much of it cause it's deep-fried.

08 April 2011

Wu Fen Pu: Wholesale Garment Market

Wu Feng Pu

If you ever end up in Taipei, you have to go to Wu Fen Pu. It's a station away (you get off at Songshan Station) from Taiwan Main Station (14 TWD | 21 PHP) and the place is full of clothing shops. Clothes, shoes, belts, bags, hats, eyewear -- shoppers will love it there. Racks by the road are usually on sale, and they go for as low as 100 TWD | 149 PHP. 

There aren't a lot of food stalls as you go deeper into the alleyways so once we got there, we turned right at the first store selling noodles (I didn't even catch the name of the place!).

Wu Feng Pu
Tiffy | Thea | Syril

I couldn't understand the menu so I just ordered whatever my cousin ordered. Apparently, the major difference is the kind of noodles they use: they all almost taste the same. A bowl costs 35 TWD | 52 PHP. It's a bit oily and I didn't like the fact that they use styro bowls (I didn't know until it was served), but it was my first meal of the day so I gobbled it down so fast that I stole food from my sister afterwards.

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06 April 2011

Red Sun Tea Shop

Red Sun Tea Shop
April 6, 2011
by Tiffany Chua


If you noticed in my previous post, I am graduating this year. Specifically this month. I'm so excited! After years and years of school, I'm finally done with homework and studying. Not that I'm never studying again -- I do believe that life's like this one big school. It's my best teacher!

Now one of my friends is a native of Taiwan and he told me that I should try the street foods in Taiwan. According to him, eating at restaurants is expensive. My cousins here say the same thing. They say that you'll spend around 500-600 NT (Php 741-890) if you're going to a good restaurant.

So while catching up with my cousins, I told them that I like drinking taro milk drinks with tapioca balls in them. So after dinner that night, we walked some 10 minutes to a shop called Red Sun Tea Shop.


So I ordered a taro milk drink. And had to ask them to add tapioca balls on my drink. And then they'd ask you how sweet you want your drink to be. I chose mine at 30%.

Red Sun Tea Shop

My drink cost around 45 NT (Php 67). It was so big too (700 cc)! My sister ordered pudding milk tea (35 TWD | Php 52). 

I've been spending my days (and night) walking the night markets and the subway malls. Shopping is cheap and their food is yummy! We usually just buy a bunch of street food and eat them together. 

Eggtarts, among other things

Tiffy: The Graduating Foodista
Lord Stow's Bakery | A take on eggtarts
An update of sorts

Sorry for abandoning this blog for a long while. I've been back in Manila since March 30 of last year. I always told myself that I'd start blogging again as soon as I settled in. 'Settling in' took months! And the longer I waited, the harder it was to start blogging again.

What if no one's interested to read about what I have to say?
Some probably aren't but that's no reason to stop writing!

I kind of envy how active Bong still is, even after all these years! That's dedication right there.

So this is sort of like a: "Hi guys! I'm sort of back but I want to take things slow." Talk to us, comment, critique--tell us what you think!

This is still a blog by people who appreciates eating. Which brings me to my point: WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME TO TRY OUT LORD STOW'S EGGTARTS?

Lord Stow's

I didn't know about it until I had one last week. I didn't even know Lord Stow's! My sister was surprised: "How can you not know Lord Stow's? They supposedly have one of the best eggtarts ever!"

Lord Stow's Eggtarts
One box (4 eggtarts) | Php 158.00 USD 3.64

I haven't had a lot of eggtarts in my life but I'd have to agree that it's one of the best that I've had. I think an eggtart would probably have around 250 kcal. But trust me: it's well worth the calories!

If you're a fan of eggtarts and you've never had Lord Stow's (like me!), they can be found in the following locations:

Tomas Morato ・ Glorietta 4 - Food Choices ・ Glorietta 3 ・ Banawe ・ Ongpin ・ Greenhills ・ The Podium ・ Market! Market! ・ SM Mall of Asia ・ Trinoma
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