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31 July 2008

Restaurant Review | Suka't Sili

Suka't Sili
158-E D. Tuazon Street, Lourdes, Quezon City
Type of Cuisine: Filipino
Average cost per person: 200-300 (US$5-8)
Overall Rating: starstarstarnostarnostar

What with school work and conflicting schedules, these Foodistas were particularly thrilled that they were able to sneak away from all the melodrama and stress of everyday life. Rainy seasons are especially perfect for sleeping--pardon the cliche--and stuffing oneself with food.

When Tiffy went to eat on Father's Day last month, she was raving about the place's Halo Halo and, in her words, "yummy food." Planning the outing was tough -- Tiffy had a talk to attend, Bong had an exam, and Mark had a date with Dream.

The place was three jeepney rides away from UP. Bong, by then, was really hungry because he skipped lunch studying for his exam.

Suka't Sili 0riginated from Davao. It's specialty? Grilled seafood. When we asked why it was named Suka't Sili, we were told that it was because masarap isawsaw sa suka't sili (dipping it in vinegar with chili peppers is yummy). Although they didn't know when the original Suka't Sili started, we were told that the D. Tuazon branch started March 9, 2004.

Okra with BagoongSteamed Okra with Bagoong (Php 30, US$0.68)
Tiffy was the only one who ate the steamed okra. Apparently, Bong and Mark don't like it. What's not to like about vegetables? Maybe it's because it's a bit slimy when you eat it. But that might just be its charm! The bagoong accompanying this dish was, however, too salty for Tiffy's taste.

Itlog na MaalatItlog na Maalat at Kamatis (Php 60, US$1.36)
This one's a classic Filipino side dish. The tomatoes were crunchy and the salty egg wasn't that salty. Bong put some bagoong from the okra and according to him, it tasted superb. Simple yet yummy.

Seafood Fried RiceTuna Sisig (Php 110, US$2.50)
This is probably the best dish out of the ones we ordered. It wasn't your typical sisig. It was pretty good, if you like your sisig creamy.

Beef with BroccoliTuna Belly (Php 80, US$1.81)
Supposedly, this was one of their bestsellers. It was good, but not as soft as what the Foodistas expected it to be.

BihodBihod (Tuna Roe) (Php 70, US$1.59)
Out of the Foodistas, Bong would be counted among the less adventurous ones. He'd much rather not eat food that he hasn't tried before. When we asked the waiter what it is, he told us that it was fish eggs. For the three of us who ate it for the first time, it tasted like powdered eggs that taste like fish.

Halo-haloHalo Halo (Php 50, US$1.13)
When you enter Suka't Sili, you'll see boards advertising their halo halo. "Finely crushed ice" and a huge chunk of praises about it. Well it is quite justified because their halo halo really has finely crushed ice. So finely crushed that eating it seemed to Tiffy a bit reminiscent of eating ice cream. It has only a few ingredients -- bananas, langka, and leche flan. But this is one proof of the saying, "Less is more."

Suka't Sili
TiffySuka't SiliSuka't SiliBongSiliMark

Reviewed by Bong, Mark, and Tiffy.
Photography by Mark and Tiffy.
See more photos on Mark's Flickr.


  1. Hmm... I see crispy balut on the menu. I wonder what that tastes like :-(

  2. Might taste like balot that's crispy. :-P

  3. Hey, there the father's day is at Juny? Here's at august!

  4. LOL isn't there like an international father's day or something? XD

  5. Haha... I must've passed by this place a dozen times and I've always wondered how good it'll be... thanks for the review, at least now I know what they're serving without having to go in hehe

  6. So do you plan on going in some day maybe? :)

  7. the food in the menu looks yummy.

    too bad im in cebu. :)

    nobe - my love letters to my son - my favorite internet things

  8. When I asked them where the other branches of Suka't Sili are located, they didn't know. So I'm not entirely sure if maybe there's one in Cebu :)

  9. Sarap naman. Ho-chia ho-chia and super cheap. :)


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