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29 April 2009

Food Finds | Ateneo Rockwell Cafeteria

Makati has a lot of good food places! Ever since, I have been complaining not being able to try out different restaurants which can be found around the Makati area because of its proximity to my residence. But now, I have been interning at a government office located in Makati; and since I started, I have been plotting restaurants which I'll be trying (hopefully sooner than later).

For now, I have been stuck to bringing packed food for lunch. If I do not have any baon, as Filipinos call it, I'm eating in the canteen at our office.

Makati Cuisine at Ateneo canteen

Today was different. My friend Rog brought me to the Ateneo Professional (Rockwell) Schools' Cafeteria or Canteen, as others would like to call it. We ate there. The Cafeteria is being run by Makati Cuisine, which does catering as well.

Surprisingly, the food there is a lot better than the food in our office's canteen (thank goodness!). For around Php 45-60 (US$1.00-1.30) you'll already have a decent meal.

Ateneo Rockwell Canteen

They served Chicken Cacciatore (Php 47), Chinese Beef (Php 55) and Grilled Porkchops (Php 47) earlier. Rog and I had the Chinese Beef and Grilled Porkchop. It's both delicious and flavorful. The beef was soft, the pork chops good for the price. I was fulfilled, and my belly satisfied.

The Ateneo Rockwell Cafeteria is located at 1st Floor, Ateneo Professional Schools Bldg., 130 H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines.

Reviewed by Bong.
Special thanks to Mr. Rogelio Uy.
Photography by Bong.


  1. Anytime Bong, you havent seen (or tasted) anything yet! You should try the liempo. Anyway, for all those deciding to go to Ateneo Law, good luck to all of your sleepless nights studying, but hey, at least you have good food in the canteen!

  2. Haha!..Looks like our canteen at PLM :D it just looks much more ventilated ..and the food looks like more tastier,too!

  3. tumatambay kame sa starbucks sa tapat nyan. hehe

  4. @Rog haha! next time perhaps!

    @Ren: cool! and yes, it has good ventilation! :) and the food is yummy

    @ohmski cool! try it out sometime :P

  5. ateneolawgrad09May 5, 2009 at 1:41 AM

    please be wary in promoting the APS canteen. the student body has had a lot of complaints about their food particularly about cleanliness. A lot of students (me included) have suffered from food poisoning because of the food served there.

    i'm just saying be careful.

  6. I'd say it's a bit overpriced given the serving size. In my four years in Ateneo Law I probably just ate here for an accumulated period of about one year.

  7. This is the joke of the day. FUNNY! (lol)
    The APS Caf? Are you sure you really went there?

  8. this review is false and misleading... di masarap ang pagkain sa canteen. napipilitan lang kaming kumain dun dahil wala naman choices sa canteen. BTY rogelio uy is the owner of the concessionaire in the canteen syempre bias sya.


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