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13 July 2009

Tiffy in Japan | Häagen Dazs

Green tea ice cream

This photo was taken when I went to Kyoto.

Back in the Philippines, Häagen Dazs doesn't really come cheap. But here in Japan, where a scoop of ice cream can cost from ¥300-¥400, it's not as expensive. Of course, I can always buy ice cream at the コンビニ for ¥100-¥200, but... :>

Oh! If there's something wrong with what I'm saying, feel free to correct me.

I love green tea ice cream. Plus, my ice cream came with mochi! Mochi is Japanese rice cake made out of glutinous rice. It's one of my favorite sweet here :)

I'll try to go to more food places here. And take more pictures.


  1. Yummy! Haha pero parang medyo weird ang itsura niya :)) Super rich green! LOL

  2. please keep on posting your food finds in japan. tnx

    also try royce(as in royce chocolate) ice cream. available in konbini.

  3. Oriental groceries here in No. CA carry mochis filled with ice cream. Yum! They're very likely Japanese originally.

    Did you go to Kyoto by train? The Kyoto central train station is awesome, having a department store and the anime museum. You're very lucky to be studying in Japan.

  4. Mochi filled with ice cream? I haven't tried that! This is the first time that I've eaten mochi with ice cream, actually. I'm not sure how I feel about it until now. Lol.

    Anime museum??? Why didn't I see that! I went to Kyoto by bus. It only cost me ¥4000something round trip! And it only took around 3 hours. :D

  5. Yes, there's an anime museum at the Kyoto station, which is a destination by itself. You can spend one whole day at this station alone. Intriguing futuristic architecture. Go back and this time, skip the temples.

  6. You're good! How'd you know I hit the temples instead :c Nya. Yeah. That one drained me. Because I felt like there's too much to see and so little time.

    Oh wait. I actually had enough time. But I didn't want to tire myself out cramming everything in a day! That's not what a vacation is.

    Okay. I'll go back :)

  7. Btw! I saw a food place which served mochi filled with ice cream. It was all it sold. Or something like that. I didn't have time to stop cause I needed to hurry to the train going to Fuji! I'll definitely try it out when I get the chance to. It was at Nagoya Station!

  8. Masarap yun mochi! Haha meron dun sa Anmitsu ba yun? Haha dun sa Kozui Green Tea sa Tomas Morato :D

  9. Well, temple-hopping. That's what you do in Kyoto. But you can only have so much Shinto; after a few, they all become similar. As I said, the Kyoto Train Station is a destination in itself. An Isetan is part of the complex. I am not sure now if there's a permanent anime museum there. It could just be a traveling exhibition that was on when I went. There's also a small park/garden at the top level called Happy Terrace. Go there to appreciate the whole structure, how the varied parts of the complex meld into an awesome train station.


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