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16 August 2009

Tiffy in Japan | きし麺

Tiffy's Stay in Japan
桜や | Sakura-ya
Restaurant in Kanayama

Last month, right after classes ended, I started my internship with Nagoya Congress Center. The second to the last day of internship, I was assigned at the information center at Kanayama Station. And my boss treated me to lunch.

Since I haven't eaten きし麺 (kishimen) before, she told me to try it. Kishimen is a long flat noodle that is native to Nagoya.


Kishimen isn't really about the flavor more that it's about the noodles :P


  1. Free lunch, wOoT! Did your boss ask you why you were taking pictures of the food? :P

  2. Yeah :D I told her I wanted to blog about it! I don't think she found me THAT weird -- XD

  3. I bet she visited your blog right after!

  4. I never told her the blog link :(

  5. Now that is something worth trying when I visit a Japanese restaurant the next time. How long ka nasa Japan Tiffy?

  6. That looks delicious! I am a Japanese food fan!


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