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28 July 2011

Hawaii's North Shore

Hawaii's North Shore
UP Ayala Land Technohub
A review by Tiffy

My friend, Harvey, just got back from his final interviews with Uniqlo in Tokyo and he owed us a celebratory something--so lunch happened.

I just bought myself a new camera so I'm still pretty amused at the Toy Camera effect (thus the photos). A lot of things amuse me.

Nina took one look at the place and went, "I'm never coming here again!" The architecture student in her didn't like the interior design. Awww--I thought it was cute!

We ordered their Wipe Out Burger because it seemed like their main burger. You can order either the Basic 1/4 Pound Patty (Php 135) or their Extra Juicy 1/3 Pound Patty (Php 165). After you order, they'll ask you if you want cheese with your burger.

No cheese for me.

My friends thought it didn't look juicy but then changed their minds after taking a bite. It was really juicy. I'm not sure how extra juicy their Extra Juicy is but I'm thinking it might be really juicy.

The thing I loved, was their Buffalo Wings (Php 175). It was sooooo good. It was the right kind of sweet and crunchy. We ordered it with BBQ sauce (I was gonna go 'SPICY!!!' but we were sharing it so I controlled myself hoho).


Hawaii's North Shore Facbook page:

We're a Hawaiian themed quick service restaurant with delicious burgers, sandwiches, wings, fish & chips, fries, etc. In keeping with the island's roots, we also have typical Hawaiian favorites like loco moco & spam musubi on the menu. Great food & value for money. Check us out if you're ever in the mood for a high quality quick bite. See ya soon dude :-) 

Address and Phone number:
Retail Plaza UP Ayala Land and TechnoHub
Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

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