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02 December 2012

Tokyo Bubble Tea's Milk Tea Tower


The milk tea craze hit us hard this year, with various milk tea brands popping out of nowhere with flavors you never knew could go with tea! Tokyo Bubble Tea, however, has been around longer than most milk tea establishments. I frequent TBT for their yummy katsudon and Yakinuku Beef Rice, perfectly paired with any cold milk tea drink.

Last Month, my friends and I decided to try their Milk Tea Tower with three flavors to choose from - royal, pearl, and chocolate milk tea. The tower is PhP699 and is good for 6 – 8 persons. We chose Royal Milk Tea, a right level of sweetness that goes well with the salty and tangy taste of most of their jap dishes. They gave us glasses with ice, and served the pears separately. 

We didn’t think we could finish the whole thing, but we ended up savouring it up to the last drop! Perfect for barkadas catching up on a lazy afternoon. Cheers!

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