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23 August 2012

Tiffy in Japan: Kabuki and Shrimp

What I love about my school is that they sponsor trips and give us tickets to shows too.
(Sign says: The University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus)

Last month, they provided 70 international students with tickets to the Kabuki, a classical Japanese drama

The pace of the drama is really slow. So much so that it's not surprising to see several heads nodding and people falling asleep. But one of my labmates really love Kabuki and has watched it numerous times.

On the way back to Kashiwa from Tokyo, we passed by Kitasenju. We wanted to have an early dinner so we were walking around the station to look for a place to eat. 

After walking for quite some time, we went back to this small restaurant that served shrimps and crabs. 

Almost all the food in the restaurant has shrimp in it

Their special offer for the day: ¥90 for one

甘えびの唐揚げ | えびとアボカドのわさびマヨあえ
Fried shrimp | Shrimp avocado salad
Most of their dishes are around ¥300~¥400

赤えび刺身 | Red Shrimp Sashimi | ¥300 per piece
This was by far my favorite. It was so soft and fresh and just yummy.

東京都足立区千住2丁目65 小泉ビル

How to get there:
(122m from Kitasenju Station)
3 min walk from Kitasenju Station West exit
1 min walk from Kitasenju Station Nakamachi exit

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