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06 September 2012

Therese in Taiwan: Dazzling Café

Have you ever heard of honey toast? A better question is, have you ever eaten honey toast? If you haven't, head on over to Dazzling Café and order one!

One of my classmates posted a picture of her eating honey toast, and because it looked really good, I invited my cousins to eat out with me. The good thing about Dazzling Café is that they accept reservations (although you might have to wait a couple of months before your turn), and when you fall in line, you can leave your number, walk around, and they will call you up when it's your turn to go inside. There are some restaurants here in Taipei that don't do that. I'll blog about such restaurant next time. Each table has an allotted time of 90 minutes inside the restaurant. The servers tell you when your time is almost up, and then you have to leave after that.

We went to Dazzling Café Mint in Zhongxiao East Road (忠孝東路), and we had to wait around an hour maybe before we were seated. We passed the time in Uniqlo!

Smoked Chicken and Mushroom Panini

Strawberry Lover Honey Toast 就愛草莓蜜糖吐司 | 250 NTD (~375PhP)
How the inside looks like

Banana Chocolate Honey Toast 香蕉巧克力蜜糖吐司 | 220 NTD (~330PhP)
How the inside looks like

Mentaiko Spaghetti with Cream Sauce 明太子義大利麵 | 260 NTD (~390PhP)
We were really satisfied with our orders because they were delicious, and we could share them with each other. I must admit that the prices are a bit on the expensive side, especially for students like us. It's worth trying at least once though!

You can check them out here.

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