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15 September 2013

Jofer: Seoulia Manila

Seoulia Manila
by Jofer Serapio
photos by Frey Serapio

My cousin was set to take her board exam the following weekend (she passed!), so we decided to have lunch at a Korean restaurant while she still had her sanity intact. There were four of us, including my sister and my cousin's sister, which explains the excessive amount of food. Seoulia Manila is one of my sister's favorite restaurants. My cousin and I weren't new to the restaurant but her sister was. Ironically enough, our cousin who was the "ultimate number one fan of everything Korean" couldn't make it. More for us then.

This dragon is the first thing you'll see when you enter the restaurant. Supportive critter, ain't he?

Various side dishes
They come free with every meal. Just like in Korea.
Bulgogi | PhP 350
Spicy grilled beef with japchae noodles and vegetables
Japchae | PhP 220
Sweet potato noodles with various vegetables and meat
Dokbokki | PhP 160
Spicy rice cake with Korean kikiam and vegetables
Ramen | PhP 79
This dish is actually good for two people. 
It's also served in a pot.
Geran Mari | PhP 160
Special egg roll with vegetables
Kimbap | PhP 100
Korean sushi with vegetables and beef
It tasted as good as it looked. This was the most popular dish in our table.
Samgyeopsal | PhP 250
Grilled pork belly
This dish came with a plate of lettuce and two dipping sauces: ssamjang (bottom) and gireumjang (top). My cousin's sister was actually a bit disappointed with this dish because she was expecting bacon. She was new.
Kimchi chige (kimchi jjigae) | PhP 180
Kimchi soup with tofu and pork
Red Iced Tea | P25
The kyotkyot napkin holder I wanted to take home
As I was making a joke (or was it?) about taking this lovely and super *~kyot~* napkin holder home, the manager (who was - surprise! - Korean) overheard me and actually attempted to give it to me for free. She was that kind! Of course, I didn't want to take advantage of her kindness, so I opted to just let the napkin holder go. Like they say, if you truly love someonething, you have to set them free~

Seoulia Manila
St. Thomas Square, P. Campa St., Sampaloc, Manila
Telephone: (02) 7086932 | (02) 505-8122

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