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20 January 2014

Therese in the Philippines: Torch Restaurant

I know that Torch has been open for quite a few years now, but I was only able to try it during one of my visits back home last year.

It's hard to see the sign if you're coming from the other side

There's a smiley face on the wasabi! So cute!

White Truffle Sausage Panizza | 429.95 PhP
    Grilled Italian sausages drizzled with white truffle oil on a fresh, oven-baked panizza topped with mozzarella cheese

Cream Cheese Salmon Roll | 339.95 PhP
    Deep-fried crispy sushi roll filled with salmon and cream cheese, topped with bonito flakes and served with unagi sauce and Japanese mayonnaise

Lychee shake | PhP

Chicken Cannelloni | 494.95 PhP
    Golden fry cannelloni stuffed with chicken and mozzarella poured with arrabbiata alfredo sauce

Salpicao Medallion | 479.95 PhP
    Medallions of Certified Angus Beef, wrapped with bacon and served with garlic parsley rice and sauteed French beans
Torch's Signature Roll | 399.95 PhP
    Sushi roll filled with soft-shell crab, ebi tempura, unary, tamago, and Japanese cucumber, topped with fresh wakame seaweed, kani and ripe mangoes

Steak Fondue | 879.95 PhP
    Melt-in-your-mouth Ribeye Meltique Beef, done your way. Comes with five different sauces from five different countries

Steak Fondue | 879.95 PhP
    Melt-in-your-mouth Ribeye Meltique Beef, done your way. Comes with five different sauces from five different countries

Bread Pudding | 149.95 PhP

Panna Cotta with Fresh Fruits | 179.95 PhP

New York Cheesecake
We loved the Salpicao Medallion because the meat was soft and it was done just right. We also loved the Steak Fondue because the beef really melts in your mouth. The fondue was a new and interesting way to eat food. I say that because we normally don't think of fondue and steak together, and it's a fun way to bond with your friends. I just wish there was more meat. Heehee. For dessert, the New York Cheesecake wasn't on the menu but we saw it on the display shelf so we ordered a slice. I wasn't able to take note of the amount though. It was suuper good that we even brought home another slice to eat the next day. I love how they also serve it with blueberry so that if you're also into blueberry cheesecake, just slather (can I say that?) that on top and voila, instant blueberry cheesecake!

Address: 63 Connecticut St. Greenhills, San Juan, 1208
Operating Hours: Mon-Tues: 7:00-0:00, Wed-Sat: 7:00-3:00, Sun: 7:00-0:00
Contact Number: (02)-477-3771
Facebook page: Torch Restaurant


  1. OMGGGG this meal looks INSANE!!! so delicious! the fried salmon roll looks and sounds delicious i loveee love fried crispy salmon skin!! i love fondue too!! i love both meat and cheese fondue's hehe :)

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  3. It is!! I love cheese too! :) this is one of the first few restaurants in manila serving steak fondue so it's worth a try. :)

  4. That's such an ugly smiley face! :S

  5. At least they made an effort!


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