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06 May 2018

Burnt Ends Singapore, One of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants

People close to me know that when I am travelling, I really do my research and keep an eye out for the best restaurants and food in the destination I go to. So when an opportunity to go to Singapore came, I did not leave without trying one of the best in town -- Burnt Ends.

Recently ranked No. 12 on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2018 (climbing up from its No. 14 rank in 2017), Burnt Ends by Dave Pynt, who also won the Chefs' Choice Award in 2017, the ultimate accolade voted for by his peers, is definitely a must visit when in Singapore -- that is, if you are well prepared, or if you are lucky enough to score a reservation.

TIP: If you are trying to score a reservation, try to reserve two months or three months in advance (that's as far out as they accept reservations). But if you do not have that luxury of time, try heading there before everyone else does or just after the reserved seatings at 12:00nn and 12:30pm for lunch, or 06:00pm and 06:30pm for dinner, line up, and you might just get lucky at the bar seats. Look for Sheena, who was so helpful to us in my case.

The menu varies day to day, depending on the fresh produce and meats they get. They have their staples and best-sellers, like the Burnt Ends' Sangar, but you can also choose the "Chef's Select," where the chef asks your dietary requirements, special requests, how hungry you are, and creates a 5-8 course menu tasting just for you, which costs around SGD150++ to SGD250++ (Php6,000++ to Php10,000++)

For starters, we ordered the Jamaican Chicken and Lime (SGD 10 or Php 400) and the Eggplant and Miso (SGD 12 or Php 480). The chicken was packed with flavors, while the eggplant was crunchy on the outside because of the breading but smooth and tasted perfectly with its natural flavors and umami, and the miso paste. 

The Burnt Ends' Sanger (SGD 20 or Php 800) is one of the must-tries. It is made of pulled pork shoulder, cole slaw, chipotle aoile, and brioche buns. The dish is just a meat lover's perfect pulled pork heaven, which can be shared by two, or eaten alone (depending on your hunger lever). But I suggest you save some space for the main star - the steak.

The star of the night was, of course, the steak. We got the Blackmore's Cube Roll (SGD 60 per 100g), with the standard cut of our order to be around 250g. The steak was medium rare, tender, and very tasty. It was definitely worth it! Hands down one of the best dinners I have ever had in a long time. 

My cousin, Christine, and I, definitely had a wonderful first time at Burnt Ends. Our seats could have been better, if only we were able to reserve. Unfortunately, there were no seats available when we tried reserving at least a month in advance. Speaking of advance, advancing 2 notches above from last year's spot at the Asia's Best Restaurants was definitely well deserved. Overall, the fast-paced feel of the restaurant was overshadowed by the great quality of food, the hospitality of the people, and the accessible location of the restaurant. 

Of course, another obligatory shot with Chef Dave Pynt, who was so warm and friendly. 

Burnt Ends 
20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088391
+65 6224 3933

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