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15 April 2008

Restaurant Review: Perspolis

318-D Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Type of Cuisine: Persian
Average cost per person: Php 95 to Php 130 (US$2.38 - US$3.25)
Overall Rating: starstarstarhalfstarnostar

Sometimes, after all the fast food and innumerable delivered pizzas, school food can seem a bore. Perspolis stands out among the usual food choices that can be found in and around campus. Not only is it one of the cheaper places to eat we've come across (as we later found out), but the fact alone that it serves Persian food immediately sparked our interest.

One of the first things we noticed about the place was that it was alfresco dining, despite the fact that it was right smack in the middle of Katipunan Avenue. It wasn't as smoky or as noisy as we thought it would be, however. We were fortunate that it was a relatively cool, overcast day when we had gone, so the heat was not a problem either.

As aforementioned, the food is very cheap and really quite good. Not the best, of course, but for their prices, we honestly couldn't complain. Our waitress, though, seemed rather clueless about their dishes. When we asked her about a few dishes we weren't familiar with, she gave us a lost look and excused herself to go ask the kitchen about it. Other than that, the service was good and quick.

All in all, we enjoyed our dining experience at Perspolis. Not exactly one of the "best places to eat ever", but we definitely consider it a go-to for cheap, yummy food. It gets plus points since it lets you take a break from the usual fare (Chinese, Japanese, American, Filipino, Italian). A definite recommendation for anyone who's looking for something different that won't burn a hole in one's pocket. Would certainly go back there again :)

Hummoz (Php 60, US$1.50)
Hummus is a traditional Middle Eastern appetizer made with chickpeas. The hummus was served with a generous portion of olive oil drizzled on the surface. It was slightly watery, very garlicky, and did not hold up that well. For the price, however, it was quite a good pick.
(We do wonder about the spelling though -- is hummoz another way spelling it?)
Pita Bread (Php 10, US$0.25 per piece)
The Pita bread was pleasantly suprising. We ordered five pieces thinking that we wouldn’t have enough, but it was more than enough. They were warm and soft.

Yogurt Shake (Php 35, US$0.88)
Another winner. Our order of Sweet Lassi was well received by everyone at the table. It was a bit too sweet and a little thin, but in the end the yogurt showed through. It was very refreshing and is a nice change from the usual heavy fruit shakes.

Sizzling Lambchop (Php 170, US$4.25)
For the most expensive item on the menu, the dish was quite disappointing. It came with a few tired looking pieces of chopped cabbage randomly sprinkled on top. The meat was tough and did not taste much like lamb. The sauce was a feeble attempt at gravy.

Chelo Kebab (double) (Php 95, US$2.38)
The Chelo Kebab came with two adequate servings of beef kebab, two grilled tomatoes and a generous serving of rice. While it had the distinctive flavor that kebab is known for, we suspect that it was overcooked, since the meat was rather tough and dry.

Shawarma in plate
(Php 60, US$1.50)
Basically shawarma “unwrapped”, the plating was visually appealing because of the nice contrast of colours. There was a good serving of slightly rubbery beef, but the vegetables were crisp and fresh. It goes well with a serving of pita bread and garlic sauce.

Beryani Rice
(Php 30, US$0.75)
Beryani rice is traditionally made using Basmati Rice, a variety of long grain rice. This can be considered the paella of Persian cuisine as it is usually composed of different kinds of meat and seafood. Our order of beryani rice was sadly lacking meat, but it was pleasantly spicy and flavorful. A bit reminiscent of the Indian fried rice in Penang Hill.

Keema with eggplant
(Php 70, US$1.75)
No one thought that this small unassuming dish would be the star of the entire meal. Great with the pita bread, the Keema with Eggplant in Persian cuisine is reminiscent of Greek Moussaka. Ground beef cooked with a variety of spices, then the vegetable is incorporated.


Reviewed by Bong, Hannah, Harrell, Joey and Kat.
Photography by Joey.


  1. Isn't the chelo kabab in Mister Kabab's cheaper? XD

  2. tiffy
    no, the 2-piece kebabs in both places are the same price.

  3. Hmm, so that's why Hamas won the Palestinian election... those people thought they were voting for the appetizer :-D

    Sorry, stuck in corny mode tonight.

  4. :-|

    Do I look like I'm laughing?

    (Yeah well I did for a little bit.)

    I think you got warped up with the David Caruso video :-D

  5. They had more knowledgeable staff on their first few days. As in they even explained whatever was in that blablah kebab.

    Though the place is a bit smoky at night. T_T

  6. ba
    our waitress was pretty clueless, unfortunately :c hannah cited the instance when we asked her what something was and all she said was "beef" and when we asked what exactly it contained (and how it was cooked, etc), she paused and just said "beef" again :\

    but, yeah :) still a yummy place to go to tho. but thanks for the tip -- will avoid it at night then :P

  7. Hi Foodistas,

    Just dropping by to welcome you all to the wonderful world of food blogging. Enjoy and Good Eats. ;)

  8. Seems like this is a must try. Thanks for the review.

  9. Joey: I guess it was because of the first week hype. Hahaha. :)

  10. I never paid much attention to this place. I've eaten pretty much everywhere in Katipunan though, even if not necessarily by choice. (My school is along Katipunan.)

    I like the sound of hummus though. And I like the sound of 10peso pita bread to go with it. Great review, guys. You're going to run me poor, with all my sudden compulsion to try out the places you've mentioned here.

  11. Marco
    you should try it! :) cheap and yummy and, really, one word makes it full of win: hummus ♥ haha
    (ateneo? o:)

    and thank you! we'll take that as a compliment :9

  12. Hi guys!

    This is a nice blog you're doing. anyway, personally i dont like perspolis. i mean compared to other persian restaurants, its not worth it for me.

    You guys should try Ababu in Xavierville right beside the meat shop. for me, its better and its more value for your money. its really good cholesterol food :D

    yun lang naman. Keep this up guys!

  13. Oh I know where that is :) I've been there but I didn't eat anything. We were just meeting there.

    I wasn't wit the other foodistas when they tried Perspolis. Though I did get to eat there recently. I didn't like their beryani :c The meat was a bit hard.

  14. will try this place in the near future....

  15. Tell us about your experience! :)

  16. in my three times of eating in perspolis, all the waiters and waitresses aren't familiar with the food they serve

  17. Actually, I think the same is true for Mister Kabab. Or, I might have just encountered a new waitress that time. Lol. How was your Perspolis experience?

  18. I swear that I will not go to mister kebab (west ave branch) ever again! The service was poor, the servers were SO DISRESPECTFUL.


    Perspolis is great! :)


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