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23 April 2008

Restaurant Review: Friuli Trattoria

Friuli Trattoria
79-A Maginhawa St., UP Village, Quezon City
Type of Cuisine: Italian
Average cost per person: Php 85 to Php 150 (US$2.13 - US$3.75)
Overall Rating: starstarstarnostarnostar

A couple of our friends have been telling us about this great, relatively cheap Italian place on Maginhawa Street called Friuli. We've all been meaning to try it, even before Manila Foodistas came to be, but never really got around to doing so until now.

Friuli was a bit of disappointment. We got there around 11 in the morning and found out that they were still closed. One of the waitresses informed us that they weren't ready for customers just yet, and asked us to wait for thirty more minutes. We found it a bit odd that they'd be caught unprepared during lunch hours (11am-1pm), but okay'd the waiting. She let us in a few minutes later though, telling us to ignore the other waitress who was hastily mopping up the floor. We wanted to tell her that we were fine with waiting a little longer for them to be a little more prepared, but she had already rushed off to get our menus.

While ordering, our waitress kept running back to the kitchen to ask if the dishes we were requesting were available. To quote Mark, "Don't bother opening if you're not fully prepared, you know." While we appreciate their accommodating us, despite their being caught unprepared, we really would have rathered they got themselves a bit more customer-ready before taking people in.

For an Italian place, one would think that they would have had more variety in their choice of pasta (they had four: carbonara, puttanesca, pesto, and tuna & mushroom). Their pizzas were alright -- nothing special, of the thin crust variety, and, thankfully, not very greasy. The term "ice cream cakes" was quite deceiving. We expected your usual cake topped with ice cream, but they meant cakes made of ice cream, not made with ice cream.

Friuli was, at best, mediocre. If you're looking for good, cheap Italian food, there are better places out there.

Mozzarella Sticks (Php 125, US$3.13)
This was maybe our best order. Your usual deliciously cheesy mozzarella sticks found in pricier bistros at almost half the price. Very cheap, for 6 relatively long mozzarella sticks and an ample amount of tomato sauce. (Photo by Mark.)

Viva Venezia (Php 190, US$4.75)
For their best seller, it wasn't as good as we thought it would be. Looked and smelled fantastic but was a little on the bland side. (Photo by Joey.)

Buono Verdure (Php 170, US$4.25)
If you're particular about what you put into your mouth, this pizza may appeal to you. For a vegan pizza, it was quite pleasantly savoury. If, however, you're not a big fan of eggplant, you may not like this very much. (Photo by Mark.)

Tuna and Mushroom Pasta (Php 100, US$2.50)
The usual tuna and mushroom pasta, in cream sauce and spaghetti noodles. The sauce was a little watery in consistency. Nothing really special about this. Looks and tastes like the sort of pasta you can enjoy in your own school's cafeteria. (Photo by Mark)

Bianco Tartufo (Php 100, US$2.50)
You won't go nuts for this gelato coated with an unusual nutty flavor. The gelato tasted a bit too much like clay, and the nutty coating was a little too overpowering, which may make you leave without even getting to the "surprise" cherry center. (Photo by Joey)

Nero Tartufo (Php 100, US$2.50)
Essentially like the Bianco, only this is made from chocolate and was dusted with cocoa powder to make a faux truffle. (Photo by Mark)

After Eight
(Php 85, US$2.13)
This is Bong's comfort food. Mint gelato sandwiched between two layers of rich chocolate goodness, and infused with chocolate bits -- according to Bong, who absolutely loved this, "Definitely a must try! :)" (Photo by Joey)

Pharaoh's Delight
(Php 90, US$2.25)
The gelato itself was very light and refreshing, while the heaviness of the pistachio gave it a bit more character. Not very sweet, but definitely not lacking in flavour. A nice, light way to end a heavy meal. (Photo by Joey.)

(Php 85, US$2.13)
Their tiramisu was essentially layers of vanilla and chocolate gelato with cocoa powder sprinkled on top, and a very thin layer of liquor-soaked biscuit in the center. If you're looking for the usual goodness and texture of rum-dipped ladyfingers, this may be a little disappointing. Still a good choice for dessert though, and an interesting gelato-spinoff of our favourite Italian dessert. Worth giving a try. (Photo by Joey)


Reviewed by Bong, Harrell, Joey, Kat and Mark.
Photography by Joey and Mark.
See more photos on Mark's multiply and Joey's flickr.


  1. Sounds generic mediocre indeed...and sad to say...the cheese sticks look like the generic frozen ones that my mom and her friends buy :/...

  2. merri

    well, I do think that the generic frozen ones are sold to look like high quality ones when cooked. but, well, they tasted great and we're not complaining. =P

  3. merri
    yeah, they prolly are :P even the tomato sauce tasted like the ones that come with it. you can tell if it's made fresh and from scratch, and well, that didn't taste like it.

    but, yes, they were prolly the best thing we ordered. and that's a bad thing, considering that it's prolly that one thing they didn't make.

    (well, okay. maybe the gelato cakes they ordered from somewhere too, but that's okay. you can't get that from the supermarket, at least.)

  4. jakedharrison@gmail.comApril 27, 2008 at 1:20 PM

    You are doing very well for a just-started blog! Your site is very well-designed, your articles are easy to read and well-written, and the photos are superb!

    I am very impressed by what you all have done so far. Very good job, to the ManilaFoodista team on a well executed blog: Pleasant to look at and quality content! Your articles have a very fresh and dynamic voice. You write very well -- excellent!

    I am looking forward to more from you Foodistas. Keep up the excellent work!


  5. Mr. Jake Harrison
    thank you very very much for your kind words! we have and will work hard to make sure that what we put out here for everyone to read, digest and enjoy is well-worth it.

    we hope to hear more from you later on and that we would not disappoint in the future (really hopefully not!)

    thank you so much again! it makes us incredibly happy to hear good feedback, especially right now when we're still trying to find a good, stable place and reputation as food bloggers.

    (and thank you for the praise for my [and mark's, who took some of photos in our latest post] photos! i'm very happy that you like them)

    i think i speak for all the foodistas when i say that your comment just made our day/week. we really appreciate it when people give us helpful feedback, and it just makes us feel especially blessed when we know we have pleased even just one person out there. :) thankyou!

  6. the only thing i like here was the fried ravioli and the pesto pasta, pizza was a disappointment

  7. Hmmm. I always eat here, and food's usually great. My only problem with the place is the waiting time. They take 20-30 minutes before they serve your pizza.

    Have you tried their BBQ chicken pizza? It tastes better than the others. But you were right with their pasta choices though. So my friends and I always order ravioli instead of pasta.

    But if you're looking for cheaper pizzas (or Friuli's pizzas are taking too long) go to Tomato Kick. It's still along Maginhawa.

    And oh, you should also try Combi, which is a store away from Friuli. Try their fried oreos.

    HAHAHA. I'm suggesting places which are very very near our house. I live a house away from Friuli :p

    He mentioned fried Oreo! Try try!

    BA, bilhan mo ko :o)
    Or get someone*cough*to*cough*buy*cough*me one!
    Or else sumbong kita kay mommy!

  9. Tiff: Mommy ko yun, hindi mommy mo. HAHAHA

    And btw, although masarap yung fried oreo ng Combi, mas masarap yung sa Flaming Wings. May kasama pang ice cream. :)

  10. Hmmm...Thanks for this article people, I think I'll stay away from it then. I don't want to disappoint my date with shenanigan service and food. Especially Italian food! XD

    I was actually thinking of dining here with her but since you guys spoke, I don't think I will. Any suggestions where I can take her? She studies in U.P. so near there is a good idea. XD

    (Oh and the photo you guys took tells it all. The place looks like a cafeteria to me. Mediocre food + bad ambiance is definitely a no no. Unless its a canteen or something)

    -White-haired Journalist

  11. White-haired Journalist
    Cafe Sweet Inspirations or Cafe Xocolat in Katipunan are both good. If you want a place within UP, Chateau Verde is okay (better than your usual ChocoKiss). If you're willing to go a little further, to Libis, you can take her to Ebisu (Japanese resto I swear by) :)

    Hope that helps!

  12. You kids write so well, good job! :) Good luck with your future reviews. May I request for a review on native foods? Like of specific locales? Pampanga, Ilocos, etcetera?

    You're all doing a great job so far. Whatever it is you're doing, keep at it! Good luck!!!

  13. Aha! I know where Cafe Sweet Inspirations is. I never tried eating there so I guess it's worth it since you guys recommended the place. Cheers! -WHJ

  14. How do you go about writing your entries? Do you delegate? Is there only one person writing? Do you assign one person per article and just give them your individual inputs (I cannot imagine someone eating all of that food at once, unless it's just a bite or two for every dish?)?

    I am not saying they are badly written, of course. They are written well, short, fresh and interesting. I am just curious as to how you delegate the task of writing. I hope that you do not mind my inquiring about this.

    Cheers and good luck with everything!


  15. lydia
    Thank you for your kind words! We really appreciate it when people find what we do helpful and interesting. =)
    For now, we're still concentrated on reviewing restaurants in the Metro Manila area which may include stores that cater to specific regional foods. Maybe in the future we'll expand to the neighboring locales like Pampanga and Batangas. =)

    We're glad that our reviews helped. =)

    Us Foodistas go out in groups of no less than 2 when we do reviews. Whatever a Foodista eats, he/she is required to write a brief paragraph on the dish and rate the restaurant using the 5 star system. If possible, the Foodista can also contribute to the overall review for the restaurant. One Foodista (which changes every review) will compile all the dish reviews and then edit and clean it up and then send it to Joey who does the final editing and arrangement and posts it in the blog. As much as possible, the Foodistas avoid ordering the same dishes during reviews, if ever the dish is shared, the reviews are compiled to make the most comprehensive review possible.
    I hope I answered your questions adequately and thank you for having so much interest in our food review blog. These kinds of genuine interest are what makes us work harder in providing good reviews for the public. =)

  16. looks like you guys spent a lot on this one. The Pyramid looks inviting.

  17. lateralus
    yeahh, we kinda did, although for 8 people, it wasn't that bad. still rather disappointed with the food tho.

    and, yes, the pyramid (along with the cheese sticks that were prolly bought from the grocery) was quite good. it somewhat made up for the mediocrity/disappointment derived from everything else.

  18. raein

    that one time at flaming wings was the first and last time i'll ever have fried oreos. but i'd still be up for that fried snickers bar if you are.

  19. hannah and raein
    i want to try the fried snickers! game? :)

  20. I love Joey! <3
    You'll always be the #1 Foodista in my heart ;D

    Official President of the Joey Fanclub

  21. haha!!

    rafa, you dork. you're the absolute (most embarrassing) best ♥

    yes, sunshinier now, etc etc

  22. fyi, the desserts that they have...its the same generic desserts that some other italian places have. like bellini's in cubao serves them. i don't think it's that fair to judge them too much on their desserts.

    in fairness to the little hole-in-the-wall resto, it's pretty okay for the price. and you get free candy after:)

  23. carebear
    hey! :) yes, i actually discovered that these desserts weren't unique to them a few weeks after we dined at friuli (they serve them at Kaya too!).

  24. Hm. I'm a regular customer at Friuli and I'm sorry to say that your review of the place is a bit off. Friuli is one of my favorite restaurants. I admit that it's not the best Italian joint out there but it's doing pretty well in giving the not-so-well off Filipino a chance to enjoy something different. I mean, where else can you enjoy a whole pizza for only P145-P170 that's not greasy or crappy like Pizza Hut or Greenwich, and not terribly over-priced like Italiani's?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that before you go off saying that the taste of a certain item on the menu is bland or not as good as other pricey joints, consider how much the item itself is. It won't be as you expect because they try to keep things affordable, meaning they have to buy cheaper ingredients which may not taste as good as the spices normally stocked in Sbarro or whatever, but that's a good thing because not every typical Filipino can blow off P200-P500 for lunch, at most all he can spend is usually under P50. I mean, isn't that great? Having a decent Italian meal for P100-P170, that you can share with 2 or 3 of your friends? And if your not satisfied, you could always cook something of your own. Just a thought.

    Also, I believe that they were just being practical by not opening early. They were just trying to save time and energy because they knew they wouldn't have that many customers at that particular time/day. Come on, they've been around the business long enough to know that kind of thing. What's wrong with opening at a time where the customers usually flood in (which is around 12-2pm)?

    Oh, and one last thing. An ice cream cake is a freaking ice cream cake. Yes, cake made of ice cream has been around for very long. I had one for my fifth birthday. Just informing you so you won't be surprised the next time you come across one. Cake served with ice cream is a totally different thing.

    Cheers! EAG

  25. LOL... that's a very funny comment from you Elly. Yeah, my friend saw cockroach legs on her pizza after having visited the place a few times. That was the last time she went there. Yeah men, eat more pasta, thats very practical, save some money for your hospital confinement. Ive heard from others that rats stroll along the place too occasionally. Very good source for leptospirosis. Decent? Try Amici, their prices are good and they have larger servings that do not taste like cardboard(not that i've tasted cardboard).

    Service was bad, oops.. a bit too biased towards girls..or women. Yeps, the owner, who looked like a monkey wrestler with eyebrows that looked like the amazon forest tries to know ladies who dine in this place.

    From your review, it seems that you have not tasted fine italian food. Not just fine, CHEAP and fine italian food. Italian food is really not expensive. I doubt that their markup goes less than 200% at least. P100-P170? Sbarro can offer meals for 2-3 people depending on their appetite.

    Around the business long enough? Doesn't mean anything, trends change my good friend. Convinience to know that a place is open during those off-peak times may even encourage more people to visit and dine in that place. BTW, bad economics...really. Generating more sales over a certain value of expenses increases net profit.

    And the ice cream bit.. don't be to philosophical... people expect different things and menus can really be deceiving. Thats what they expected.

    Since you're a regular, tell the owner who looks like a proto-neanderthal to find himself a beautiful lady ape.

    Good review from the foodistas! Bad review from Elly.

  26. Sounds like someone's taking things too personally. If you have a problem with the owner's physical appearance I think it would be better if you just kept to yourself. You showed too much of yourself. More than required for this review. By the way, mine was not a review. It was an opinion.

    And wait a second, where in my comment did I say to eat heaps of pasta? I don't recall. I'm sorry, were your reading something else while you were jotting down your reply?

    Also, if they committed a grave health code violation they would definitely be shut down. You know how people make pizza, right? They sprinkle the toppings with their hands. Meaning they would have seen it.

    Amici's more expensive and far. I take into account the time and money I would have to spend to get there. Being practical. I still believe Friuli is decent. Maybe not one of the better Italian restaurants in the Philippines, but they are still a good option for people who want to try something new. Jesus, what is decent for you, anyways? Dolled up waitresses, garnished plates and fancy lights?

    Haha, it's funny that you assume that I have not eaten at a cheap and fine Italian restaurant based on my comment. You're also stating the obvious by saying Italian food is inexpensive. I make Italian food at home using ingredients that can easily be found at the local market.

    Please, the soulless, mass-produced, reheated things at Sbarro? God, Italian?? Why is there deep-dish then? Chicago's not in Italy. God, their deep-dish isn't even real deep-dish. Sbarro might serve bread and pasta slathered in cream or tomato sauce but it's not real Italian.

    Trattoria is an informal, inexpensive cafe or restaurant. I think informal is the keyword here.

    And about the ice cream bit, I was stating a fact. Was that philosophical for you? All I can say is that amused me very much.

    Learn to fight your own wars my friend. If you have a problem with the owner's appearance better you go to his face and tell him you don't like what you're looking at.

    Try not to take things personally, Dennis! Maybe you'll understand what I'm talking about when you grow up.


  27. Lol, yes maybe it was a bit personal, but my review can be parallel to what the others here had to say about sanitation.

    Heaps of pasta? U could'nt even relate it to what I was pointing out about what you can get eating their unsanitized or dirty food. I do hope you know what leptospirosis is..

    haha grave sanitation code? Don't be stupid, people can get away with those.. but seeing cockroach legs on a pizza? whoops, wow yummy cockroach legs! think again and don't be a fool!

    Using your way of thinking, "dolled up waitresses, garnished plates and fancy lights? "??? Whoops, maybe you were looking at some other review... or whoops! Maybe you were watching porn while you were typing your response to my review!

    Stating the obvious? Unsanitary? Cockroach legs? lol, I suggest you enroll once again to Philo 101! Obvious? Im pretty sure many people would be amazed to find out how cheap italian food is.

    God italian? Sbarro? Lol, ohhh pleaseee, this place italian? Far from italian haha

    Chicago? Oh didn't you know? A lot of REAL Italians reside there? Whoops! Fruili fan getting creamed.. Don't state the obvious as you said. Chicago's not in Italy hahaha

    Informal.. as in dirty for this place!
    Learn to think straight and rational. Don't try to play with words..and the grow up bit? lol, i bet i'm hell older than you, i've tasted the worst and the best foods in the world. I have 4 successful restaurants, 2 here in the Philippines and 2 in the USA. Lol, grow up and learn to try to calibrate your tongue. It obviously has not tasted enough for you to distinguish what is good and what is not.
    Funny... i'm pretty sure that one of your friends has been to one of my restaurants here in Manila.. Oh... practical... sorry, maybe you coudn't even take a cab going to the area. haha funny to take an advice from such a young but ignorant person like yourself.
    Take a number and visit my restaurant sometime..haha you'll see how packed my place is.. which restaurant? that's the fun part.. take a guess.. lol

  28. Good dessert, bad pasta and pizza! nuff said!

  29. Thanks for the reviews elly and dennis! I think the both of you have strong points, although delivered in a quite offensive manner = )

    Elly delivered his remarks in a bias towards the place, maybe a friend of the owner of just a big fan of the place. Dennis on the other hand did the opposite, which was really interesting why..

    Elly, i don't know if you're a girl or not but i think girls like me appreciate knowing places like this. What i mean to say is that, if you are a guy who wants to bring your date somewhere, you might be thankful for dennis' review. FOr us girls, we're thankful for the review because my friend from UP experienced the same thing dennis was talking about. Even to the point that one of the owners or the waiters kept texting her due to a mistake of giving her number.

    Dennis, thank you for the review because it may prevent these things to come and for other people to know what they may expect. I truly hope that the management would look into this matter since some of their food tastes alright for their price. And it's easy access too. I think that dennis, should just had been more mild in your delivery of what you wanted to say.

    Whats really funny is how elly understood dennis' description of the culprits appearance, when you're mad, you're bound to say such things. It's only human. But the ranting doesn't equate that a person is immature and needs to grow up. Actually, my perception was even... advice him to say it to the owners face just makes it more immature, then elly advices him to grow up. I think that would be a more immature act than sharing it to us readers on the internet.

    I think that you overlooked dennis' strong points about the place, sanitation! I've known many restaurants with grave health code violation such as mentioned and they are still running. It's easy when you have connection or money. I'll mention a few. Karate kid, chowking, jollibee, henlin, and more.. I dont see them being shut down. Another point is that, you pointed out contradictions in your review elly. Look at your second paragraph. You gave sbarro an edge over friuli meaning that it isn't as good as sbarro or whatever, then just because deniss mentioned this place you start dissing its taste.

    As for dennis, you can't really expect people to spend too much money on italian food. I used to have some favorites in friuli, but had stopped visiting the place due to sanitary problems too. Can i say, i value my health a lot because health is wealth! Another thing is, not because food is expensive means that their place is spic and span. I know of a very famous place in greenbelt where my friend got food poisoning. There are many factors that may affect these things. Even if you keep your place clean and well maintained, how can u be sure on the meat quality delivered by the suppliers? My friends' hospital confinement and meds were taken care of and compensated with a sum of money. We were also given gift checks, but never claimed them. About leptospirosis, there's a vaccine for that dennis, so if you're scared of it, im sure you can afford it!

    Now on for my review, I love the dessert in this place! Same as many had mentioned. The place is cheap and easy access from where I used to study, but still near where I live. Their mozzarella sticks taste like what i buy in snr. Only more expensive when you eat them here. Of course, a premium to pay for the service. My used to be favorite is the bbq chicken! The only problem is that one time, i bit a bone. I don't know why, but at least it proves that its real chicken! = ) The tables outside are cozy, except for tricycles and jeepneys revving their motors and piling up that black smoke. I only had tried the tables inside once because it's skimpy and most of my friends are smokers! = ) The cleanliness of the place is alright. And yes, i've also seen occasional rats. Well maybe it's because of the demographics of the place. I think they should give attention to it though. Service is alright, but, as mentioned by dennis which I don't want to elaborate anymore.

    Dennis, I understand what you mean by Chicago. I've been to NY because I grew up there, and my mom still lives there. A place I frequently visit is Totonos Pizza. The owner is very friendly and mentions that he has relatives in Chicago also running a pizzaria. I know that many Italians migrated to the Central places of America. Lemme tell you how good the pizza is in that place. They overload the pizza with toppings and mozzarella cheese on top. The mozzarella, you can smell while the pizza is being made. Once it's in front of you, a slice of it would be as long as the tennis rackets' head. Once you grab a slice, it will take you about 30-40 loops of cheese on your fork to completly severe the slice from the whole! ahh heaven! And it's only 15-25 dollars for a whole pizza!

    Overall, its alright, i mean if you don't have budget for the more decent places, this place will surely keep your pockets heavy. But for the whole league, disregarding price, it a long way from home. It's a place you just keep coming back due to convinience and price, but not the taste. For taste, I keep coming back to Avenetto, Sbarro, "Magic Kitchen"<-this is an order only, no pizza but excellent pasta selection, and Carlo's pizza! I would not suggest Italianis due to the overpriced food!

    I hope my comment and review helped! Have a good one! = )

  30. I haven't tried this one, bu this looks good.

    Buon giorno.

    Vorrei un caffe espresso con prosciutto nel pormaggio.

  31. Dennis: It seems you are old in age but not mature enough to understand sarcasm. You can't even understand plain English. Almost everything I said in my last comment you misunderstood. Some people these days lack humor and have too much money.

    It's like you took the things I wrote and randomly mashed them together.

    And I quote, "God italian? Sbarro? Lol, ohhh pleaseee, this place italian? Far from italian haha"

    Huh? What was that you said?

    And you also did not understand what I was trying to say about Chicago and Italy and its relations to the Sbarro chain. And just to get things straight, I've hated Sbarro for a long time already. I was never praising their food. I was just saying that the spices they use may be tastier. That is all. I'm getting tired of having to explain everything bit by bit. Jesus.

    You are not speaking clearly. Your punctuation is off and sentences fragmented. I don't know what you're trying to state here. For some successful business man you're not very good at communicating. And you also take things too seriously, all you do is attack, attack, attack. Can you refrain from personal insults? It makes you sound really insecure.

    Everything! My God! You misunderstood everything I was trying to say!

    And you owning restaurants and tasting foods around the world does not have anything to do with what we were talking about. Insecure much? I am completely disinterested in your restaurant. I don't care! I don't care if your place is packed. I don't care if an acquaintance of mine ate at your place. It's totally irrelevant. AND not everyone in the Philippines can afford to take a cab to anywhere. Others have to WALK to get where they're going. I'm not ashamed to say I cannot afford to take a cab. Will you now attack me and say that I am poor and stupid? Like you have done numerous times?

    For someone who owns so many restaurants you sure do have a lot of time to go online and attack people.

    Trixie: Yes, I am a girl. I'm not being biased because I am a fan or because I know the owner. I do not. I just felt that it was unfair to say mean things about someone's physical appearance when it is totally unnecessary.

    And no, I'm not a hardcore fan. I was just stating my opinion because the review of the Foodistas was off for me. What I want to say is that it's not the best but it's DECENT.
    Must I repeat myself? Do I have to write everything in caps? And people take things differently. If someone interested in the restaurant came by this review they would be completely put off and might not give this place a chance. Can I not be allowed to make people think otherwise? After that, it's all up to them if they like it or not.

    And so far about the sanitation, I've only heard this from you guys. That is all I will say now because I have gone to Friuli many times and I have not seen a rat. Or cockroach legs.

    And can I just say, why is everyone talking about countries with a higher standard of living? What does it have to do with anything? Why are people comparing it to what we have here in the PHILIPPINES? A lot of people here aren't privileged to travel out of the country, or eat at Italian restaurants! Or even SBARRO. I do hope they shut down. Please God let the news be true.

    STOP PATTING YOURSELVES ON THE BACK. Nobody cares about what kind of passport you have or where you were born. Please, take a moment and realize where you guys are. Friuli is located near UP where majority of the students aren't well off and are fighting tuition increase.

    I will not post any more comments here. If I had to say everything I thought it would just go on forever and ya'll still might misread it. I still have a LOT to say mind you but I'd rather do more productive things than call people ugly and stupid. I have wasted enough time here as it is. I said what I had to say. I don't like dealing with immature business men that write like a headache and people who don't get the concept of sarcasm.

  32. if Dennis is so smart, then let him invite Elly to his restaurant and let Elly taste his food. but if Dennis is just bluffing... then Dennis is the biggest idiot of them all. it's so easy to say i own this and own that. well Dennis, put your italian food where your mouth is. we're calling your bluff. scared?

  33. is this the one that "imports" and microwaves its desserts from this other italian resto at cubao?

  34. If you want affordable and decent Italian food--and within UP too--I'd suggest Long Island. No question.

  35. hahaha parang pikon si elly... fruili sucks, yups! Long Island! Nakakapikon yung mashado kang may pakialam sa mga punctuations and grammar, anyway, hindi porket bad at communication bulok ang isang negosyante. Madami akong kakilala na sobrang introvert pero ang lakas kumita ng pera. Mukhang nahuhurt si elly... yung dennis naman, wag mashadong mamersonal, pero everyone is entitles to his/her own opinion, and sa tingin ko kasama yung sinasabi rin naman ni dennis sa pagjudge ng isang restaurant. Im sure na kung bastos o rude ang mayari or waiter, kahit masarap posibleng hindi na balikan. By the way, hindi porket isip bata eeee hindi successful. Yung appearance naman nung mayari or whatsoever, para sa iba malaki ang part para sa iba hindi. yun na yun! Kung ayaw ni Dennis ng panget, lalo sa food experience niya, wag mo na talunin. Mukhang pinatulan mo kasi mga comment niya. Dennis naman, hindi lahat ginawang pogi o maganda so minsan kailangan pakumbaba naman! Btw, im bi sexual and a proud student of UP Diliman, masarap sa amici para sa akin and sa tosh!sbarro... okay okay lang, parang inconsistent magluto minsan.. masarap meatball nila. Fruili.. siguro pag gutom na gutom na, pero kung may ibang option, sa iba na lang ako. Sorry elly hindi lahat siguro kasing runong mo magsulat. Pero pucha para kang bakla na pati puntuations, grammar at pagkasabog ng paragraph pinapakialaman. Hurt kb? Ikaw naman dennis, mashado kang mayabang, hindi lahat ng tao kasing swerte mo kung swerte ka nga talaga. Wag mashadong mayabang at baka makarma! hahaha salute!
    TBS -Jinx

  36. It's a good place to try, but not food that i will crave for. Points well taken from both dennis and elly. I just dont appreciate the flame happening here. I also look how the people(waiters or bosses) treat their costumers. I think i'd feel the same way if I was a guy. I like how elly said that people not-so-well-off can afford decent italian food. nevertheless, I give it 3 stars! I hope the both of you find peace in your little own world there. Anonymous, funny how you're trying to really find out! hahaha

  37. The Greeks figured this out a long time ago. They said - there is no argument for taste. So some people will like their food and some will hate it. So it kinda makes one wonder what the point of food blogs are. You still need to go and decide for yourself anyway. I have been to restaurants that were so highly rated but the food sucked, bu the price was in the thousands so I guess people just deluded themselves into saying the food was great. Kinda reminds me of the story of the emperors new clothes.


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