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18 June 2008

Bloggers' Event | The Cake Club

Bong Sweet and Sinfully Delicious!
Bong at Diamond Hotel's The Cake Club
The Archaeology strip 2/F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell

Five things the General Manager of the Diamond Hotel wanted us to remember about this event is that the Dessert Buffet of The Cake Club by the Diamond Hotel is "masarap" or delicious and whatever word we wanted to include. I say it's heavenly!

Days before I even knew about this confectionery indulgence, I read in another blog about "The yummiest chocolate cake I've ever tried so far," and since then, I was intrigued about Diamond Hotel cakes. This is the reason why I eagerly or excitedly confirmed my attendance to the event after I received the invite.

Diamond Hotel brought together the two most attention grabbing words in my gastronomic vocabulary, "dessert" and "buffet," and put up this incredibly filling treat at the launch of The Cake Club, a mini-dessert paradise closer to home.

When we were brought to the "dessert mecca" after the little program, which consisted of dinner, some games and the overview of the concept, my eyes were treated to colorful and very desirable delicacies.

Even though some of the desserts that were there didn't agree with my palate, what I loved the most, and I think my friends who were with me at the event would agree on this, were the Le Royale, Supermoist, and their Cheesecakes (see largest photo below) which really gave meaning to the term "sinfully delicious."

The Le Royale is made up of dark Valrhona chocolate mousse with almond meringue and hazelnut crispy. This is the ultimate chocolate cake lovers' dream come true.

The Supermoist on the other hand is a moist chocolate cake made more delicious with layers of rich ganache. If you are into light, really moist chocolate cakes which melt in your mouth, this one is for you.

Another Diamond signature classic is their rich cream cheesecake called the Baked Cheesecake, which Sean said to be one of the "two best Cheesecakes I have had in a long time." -- And I couldn't agree more.

And my verdict? These incredibly wonderful treats are three of the best cakes I have ever had.

Other desserts that were served include:
Macaroons (You should try the Rose flavor which emits really distinct and fun flowery to fruity flavor), Mini Ensaymada, Mont Blanc (French chestnut paste with dark rum on almond tart), Coconut Cream Pie (their version of Buko Pie), Green Tea Creme Brulee, Aloe Vera Jelly, and a lot more.

(L-R): Baked Cheesecake, Supermoist, Apple Cheesecake, Le Royale, & Baked Cheesecake


Reviewed by Bong.
Photography by Sean Tiu and Bong.
See more photos on Sean's Multiply.


  1. hindi nangyayaya!!!mmm..looks delish..:p

  2. sheena
    heyyy.. but you're unavailable most of the time? boo. but yeah, thanks for your post sheens! :P haha! you want to go there? maybe we can go and visit some time before you leave? haha (yan ha..)

  3. UGH you're making me crave!! I HATE you! HAHAHAHA

    me want more supermoist. and le royale. and cheesecake! :(( Let's go backkkkk! oh wait. with my parents nalang. so i dont have to spend. ahahaha!

  4. It looks super yummy, Bong! :) Plus, Sean did a great job with the pictures! LOVE!

  5. sarah
    yeah! best that you go back there with your parents, so that they'll pay :P hehe

    i miss those cakes...really!

    believe me, not only does it look good, it tastes even better! :)) yeah! sean did a great job with the pics too! :)

  6. That mystery cake just made me go wow. Like. Wow.

  7. Can't go wrong with cake. Everybody likes cake.

  8. yummy..

  9. The cakes look so sinfully good. It makes me scared to even visit the place already knowing I'm going to pig out!

  10. anonymous
    Actually I really enjoyed the mystery cake..Though we didn't really had the chance to savor it because we were too focused on trying to figure out which 5 nuts were in the cake.. haha

    I Agree! So how was your Cake Club experience? :P

    Go and try it! I'm sure you can't resist a sinful adventure..hehehe But seriously, I wish Makati's not that far from my place as well..(coz Manila's really far)...but, sadly, it is.

  11. I was 1 1/2 hours late. The event was over by the time I got there, so my Cake Club experience was incomplete :-(

    But at least I still got to taste the cakes. Yay.


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