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15 June 2008

Restaurant Review | Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio

Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio
Level 4, The Block, SM North EDSA
Type of Cuisine: Dessert
Average cost per person: Php 85 to Php 100 (US$2.13 - US$2.50)
Overall Rating: starstarstarstarnostar

We love the feel of Sebastian's. Although relatively small, it's located along the fourth-floor railings and has a modern but cozy look to it. The place was devoid of customers when we had gone there, maybe because their ice cream is relatively pricey:
Sebastian's Super Premium
  • Single scoop: Php 85 | Double Scoop: Php 140
  • Hand-packed pint: Php 250
Sweet Freedom [ Sugar free Ice Cream ]
  • Single scoop: Php 95 | Double Scoop: Php 160
  • Hand-packed pint: Php 290
Chilly Burger: Php 190
But we'd have to say that, personally, we're willing to spend that much for Sebastian's ice cream. They have a great selection of flavours, from ice cream classics like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough to crowd pleasing Chocoholics Anonymous to unique offerings like Mango Sansrival. The servings are quite generous and the ice cream themselves are, well, fantastic.

This place definitely deserves a lot more love and we strongly encourage you to pay them a visit and try their frozen treats for yourself. :)

Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughChocolate Chip Cookie Dough
This was heavenly. The vanilla ice cream was very rich and creamy and there was a generous amount of cookie dough in a single (but plentiful!) scoop. A little Foodista trivia? This is one of Joey's three favourite ice cream flavours. :)

Butter PecanButter Pecan
The ice cream base was buttery and even the roasted pecans were flavourful. If you're fond of butter, you'd probably enjoy this a lot. Harrell says the butter taste was a bit much for him, though.

Chocoholics Anonymous
As the name implies, this is a chocoholic's dream. Every bite is just pure chocolate bliss. Even those who aren't all that fond of chocolate would enjoy this, since it's sweet without being tooth-achingly so.

Dulce de Leche con FrescaDulce de Leche con Fresca
This was a bit of a low note in our ice cream rhapsody. This flavour came off a bit too sweet for us, and the "fresca" part of the ice cream tasted a little too artificial. This may appeal to you if you've got a serious sweet tooth, but, otherwise, we'd have to say that it's better to go for the other available flavours.

Up All NightUp All Night
This is a coffee-lover's paradise in ice cream form. It's not too sweet and is infused with chocolate, so it's really quite a wonderful mouthful each time. Rather like fantastic mocha ice cream with lovely, fudgey brownie bits. Both Bong and Harrell liked this one the best.

Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio

Sebastian's Ice Cream StudioSebastian's Ice Cream StudioSebastian's Ice Cream StudioSebastian's Ice Cream StudioSebastian's Ice Cream StudioSebastian's Ice Cream StudioSebastian's Ice Cream StudioSebastian's Ice Cream StudioSebastian's Ice Cream StudioSebastian's Ice Cream Studio

Reviewed by Bong, Harrell & Joey.
Special thanks to Franco of Table For Three, Please.
Photography by Joey.
See more photos on
Joey's flickr.


  1. Hey Joey :D You're looking gorgeous ;)

    I never noticed this place before. But I don't go to The Block much. Are there any other branches? Those ice creams are looking awesome.

  2. Sighs. My thing with thea was canceled that day anyway. I should've went. But it was too late to contact you guys! :(

  3. OMG ice cream. And HAHA cookie dough! I can already see the hearts coming out of Mela's eyes.

    I don't remember having ice cream that looked that good when I was still in Manila. =| Ahhh. I liked Arce. Haha. And dirty ice cream, of course. But I don't know anyone who doesn't like that. That'd be pretty wrong. Who doesn't like dirty ice cream?

    Awesome review, Foodistas. Keep on plugging :)

  4. Mela: I like your headband, btw. And are those hearts coming out of your eyes in that photo? You and your cookie dough.

    And are you online?? I KNOW YOU ARE. Come out na. Gots to tell you something, woman.

  5. Great review, Foodistas :) The photos really make an impact. Very nice! I wish I could try all these great places you go to myself. Maybe someday when I can find time to visit Manila, I'll keep a list of the places and things you've reviewed and go visit them.


  6. Ahh great review! This place sounds awesome. Thanks for linking me to it, Joey! Good review, Foodistas. And great photos, Joey! Your stuff is like food porn.

  7. Dean
    LOL. thanks?? :P

    and yeah, me too! never heard of it till lately, actually. but it's really good! that place deserves loyal customers. i bet if people gave it a shot, they'd just love fall right in love with it.

    really??? sayang! you would have really liked the ice cream :( JoeyLin stood as you and Kat tuloy haha! lucky JoeyLin for bumping into us :P

    well. haha. we'll take you there na lang one day. Hannah, Kat and Pat too :9 MF date! even if for only pleasure, and not work ;)

    what the heck was that cryptic message about??

    and yeah! Arce. and gotta love dirty ice cream ♥ if you're coming to visit Manila soon, come see me, okay? let's go eat yummy Filipino food, you deprived goofy cat. yummy, guilt-inducing food :9 mmmm. the best sort.

    and what hearts in my eyes? :| liar! i'm not that fond of cookie dough. i think.

    haven't heard from you in a while! :) And haha! that's an okay idea (taking a list of the places we ate in/food we featured, i mean). Manila's got a lot of great places to eat in tho, and a lot of great food experiences to be discovered that aren't necessarily found in restaurants. :) we try and review a variety of things, but i don't think it's quite possible for us to talk about everything. :P

    but yeahh! come to Manila :) it's a beautiful place -- a bit rough around the edges but there's a lot of charm, i think -- and, above all, a lot of good eats ;)

    you're welcome! :P go visit them, okay?? and thanks :9 i can die happy now, knowing i take photos of food that, um, alluring. hahahh!

  8. Hello! I found you guys through Joey's flickr. You are all doing such a great job! I've always wanted to start a food blog. What you're doing now is really good. You write so well -- and, of course, nice photos! :-D I hope you guys keep at it.

    And, Joey, I just want to share that I really love your photos! I don't have a flickr account so I can't really introduce myself or comment on your photos. But I've subscribed to your photostream, so I know whenever you upload more of your beautiful photos!

    Thank you for sharing! Good luck with everyhing :-)

    S :-*

  9. Clicking on some of your photos brings me to a page saying I can't view them. Is it just my browser?

    Harrell, what does your shirt say? I like the colors.

    Good job on the review :) Liking how them ice cream look.

  10. cm
    No, it's not your browser. All photos with us in it are protected for our own safety. Lol. I hope you understand.

    My shirt says "there are no stupid questions" in caps. It's one of our shirts for my part-time job as Registration Assistant for the College of Science. We have 2 other variations of those. Pink text on violet shirt and a white text on blue. =P

  11. Ah, I see. Thanks for the quick answer :) More power to you all!

  12. @Joey For more sexy time! <3

  13. Great photos you guys, I bet the ice cream are as good as advertised... but I really do have reservations about expensive ice creams.

  14. Ah! I know this place. I always wanted to try it but the price per scoop kind of put me off. I'm going to try it now though, after reading what you guys had to say about it!

    Really nice photos! You're all good looking pa haha. :) Pretty ni Joey and ang gwagwapo ng MF guys hehe ;)

  15. You guys are awesome! I love reading your blog! And you guys take super nice pictures!! Sarap ng ice cream!

  16. S :-*
    thankyou! :) And doesn't matter :P I can tell you and others who don't have flickr accounts keep track of me :) You guys are great!c

    well, i think it's worth trying at least once. but yeah :P if we
    didn't need to go there specifically, i don't think i would have tried sebastian's. times are hard and i don't think paying that much for ice cream is exactly practical.

    aww thankyou! in behalf of the guys too, haha ;) am sure they're flattered.

    thanks! :)

  17. You all sure like ice cream, hehe. Previously Haagen Dazs and now this. I noticed the quality of your photography is different? The pictures accompanying this post are, to my untrained eye, better. Different photographers?

    Just my opinion. It does not take away from the post but having
    nice pictures help greatly.

    I find your blog design is aesthetically pleasing. Your writing also is very good. Keep it up!

  18. so when did seabastian's ice cream studio start? looks like yummy selections of ice cream. i think i will like the cookie dough :)

  19. Great review! :D Love this blog!

  20. I'll take the Joey with a side of cookie dough :P haha. This place looks good. Nice photos and helpful review :D

  21. Great post, guys :) I've had Sebastian's before. I love their cookie dough too. And their coffee one :)

    BTW, Joey, I saw your post on Table For Three. Awesome job! :)


  22. I was browsing for some good brands of ice cream then i stumble on your blog... never tried sebastian's but because of your review i might wanna drop by at the block this week. nice blog!

    btw, cute pix you got, may i know what camera are you using? ^_^

  23. if you like ice cream, i recommend DOLCE GELATO at mall of asia.
    in my opinion, they have the creamiest, most flavorful gelato in Manila. all their ingredients come from italy. The must-have flavors are the Ferrero Rocher and Pistachio. soooo good!
    and the best thing about it is you can COMBINE up to 6 flavors with no extra charge!!

  24. hi sna mglgay kyo ng branch hir in sm clark...i want 2 try ur amazing ice cream...tnxxx a lot!!!


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