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10 August 2008

Restaurant Review | Leslie's Restaurant

Leslie's Restaurant
Silang, Tagaytay City
Type of Cuisine: Filipino
Average cost per person: 200-300 (US$5-8)
Overall Rating: starstarstarnostarnostar

Conveniently situated along the highway, Leslie's Restaurant opens its doors to accommodate weary travelers with authentic Filipino food and breathtaking views. The cool air this time of the year offers the perfect excuse to indulge in body-warming food the restaurant has to offer -- this meant more protein-rich food were of priority for us.

The ambiance is very Filipino, as it features a Nipa Hut inspired spacious interior with wooden chairs and tables to go along with it. The restaurant is seated on a cliff with quaint little outdoor huts overlooking Taal Lake and the famous Taal Volcano.

The dishes were in large servings, typical of the Filipino extended family setting. The taste of the dishes were not of the extraordinary but the scenery and the warm Filipino feel and taste made up for it.

It was the birthday of Gwen, who, coincidentally, was with the Foodistas. With Filipino restaurants, roaming guitars and singers are typical and are a unique part of the ambiance. It also exemplifies music as a vital part of the Filipino culture. The song numbers were very good and completed the Foodistas' dining experience.

Kare-KareBeef Kare-Kare (Php 299, US$6.85)
The beef was very tender and it can be easily separated with the use of a spoon. The sauce was rich and tasty. A person with a liking for large helpings of sauce with meals will find this dish heaven-sent.

Special BulaloBulalo Special (Php 499, US$11.44)
The star of the meal. Both Bong and Harrell have Bulalo as their favorite soups. The cool weather upped this Bulalo experience even more; they both agree that it's definitely the soup of warmth. The bone marrow cut (Harrell's favorite part of the dish) was very large and there was more than enough for everyone.

Crispy KangkongCrispy Kangkong (Php 175, US$4.01)
A must for fat seekers. The Foodistas thought that it was too oily. Your usual deep fried Kangkong and batter - with extra oil.

Tuna BellyTuna Belly - Small (Php 330, US$7.56)
Very fresh, soft, and tender. Definitely better than Sukat Sili's, according to Tiff and Bong. The tuna was seasoned well and the taste did not overpower that of the dish. Definitely a must-try.

Harrell, Tiffy, Bong

Reviewed by Bong, Harrell and Tiffy.
Photography by Bong and Tiffy.
See more photos on Bong's and Tiffy's Flickr.


  1. kakainis naman dito, ginugutom niyo ko eh. :D

  2. I'd rate Leslie's like 2 and a half stars. The food is ok lang but i think it's kinda pricey. But then again maybe you kinda count in the ambience.. that works for tagaytay I guess. The branch in Alabang looks creepy. When it still under construction, we thought it was a chapel or something. Ok sana yung view, but the inside just makes you feel like you're in a bat cave. Sayang talaga, it's a great spot.

  3. i was happy with the garlic rice, sisig and laing. their turon was sooo yummy rin but i felt that their prices were a bit on the high side.

  4. Food is great but is a bit pricey... and I don't like their service.. poor poor

  5. typical pinoy foods and too pricey,


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