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28 September 2008

Bloggers' Event | California Pizza Kitchen's Make Your Own Pizza

BongMake Your Own Pizza Adventure
Bong at California Pizza Kitchen
Glorietta, Makati City

Nothing beats a freshly made thin crust pizza that came straight from the oven. Weeks ago, California Pizza Kitchen invited bloggers and media friends to embark on a culinary adventure by recreating the bestselling pizzas of CPK.

Each guest was able to make his own pizza from the dozens of recipes that were featured - Thai Chicken, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Greek, BBQ Chicken, and a whole lot more.

"Our California-style pizzas are famous for their use of fresh ingredients sourced locally and around the world," said Archie Rodriguez, President of Global Restaurant Concepts, Inc., the Philippine franchise owner of California Pizza Kitchen. Wth the pizza I did, the Tricolore Salad Pizza, I can say that indeed their toppings are fresh.

California Pizza Kitchen  0013

You'll be amazed and think that you're pizza's just simple because of the ingredients (corn syrup and Parmesan) you have added to the dough before it went in the oven. But lo and behold, this was what my pizza looked like after it came out from the oven and garnished with the fresh healthy ingredients. I can eat this everyday. The mix of the salad and the cheese based pizza dough really complements each other. And since I am a salad person, this pizza's just perfect for me.

California Pizza Kitchen  0012

Tricolore Salad Pizza
1 TBL Corn Syrup
3 TBL parmesan

Pizza Garnish
6 cups tricolore salad mix
3/4 cup diced tomato
2 oz Dijon balsamic vinegar
1 oz shaved parmesan
Optional: 1 portion grilled shrimp

California Pizza Kitchen  0017

Reviewed by Bong.
Photography by Eric of Byahilo.


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