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10 October 2008

Announcement | Delifrance Tray Couture Winners

dlogo3ha Delifrance
Tray Couture Contest
Annoucement of Winners

Lately school has been eating up the Foodistas' time. With Finals week and academic requirements piling up on everyone, we haven't had much content lately! Shocking, we know. Though we're hoping that you guys haven't given up on us!

Anyway, here are the winners for the Delifrance Contest (we apologize for the delay in posting) in no particular order:


The Seafood Deluxe Clubhouse arrived looking like a French queen sitting beautifully on a white platter. The companion is royalty too –Pomodoro Angel Hair’s tomatoes and onion spark with flavor amidst the thin noodles. Take a forkful and feel the tasteful gems on your tongue. This is the nearest thing to being born with a golden spoon in your mouth.

Between Bites
Sporty personality of mine,
A Philippe coutery could well define.
Tuna, Onion and Mayo Clubhouse dish
its truly every health buff's wish!
Beef Stroganoff Pasta galore
for extra energy to let you do more.
My Philippe is quite a yummy treat,
a delightful meal thats quite hard to beat.
So go on, give Philippe a bow,
Head to Delifrance and order one now!
Lita Lim
I’m the health conscious Amelia, because healthy need not be dull, bland and boring. It can be just as delicious as you want it to be, all a matter of choosing the right foods for you. I realized I want to live longer so I’ve made a conscious choice to have more seafoods, fruits, and vegetables. When you get to my age you get to think about wanting to see your grandkids get married… so now I’m more like the health conscious Amelia.
Tricia Lorenzo
I may be a girl but I’m the hearty and down-to-earth Philippe!

I don’t mind getting down and dirty when the occasion calls for it, like trekking in the muddy fields on the way to a mountaineering adventure. Believe me, I need energy to do that which is why I prefer my meals hearty!
I would have to say that I am Henrie. It’s but simple, Henrie is the most fashionable couture in Delifrance’s line. It is composed of the best materials : shrimp,pesto for the pasta and bacon and eggs for the clubhouse. I am just like Henrie- a high end type.
An easy choice, am definitely a Philippe. The robust flavors and taste of Philippe positively mirrors what I want in life, to live it to the fullest, and savor all what it may offer. Then again, it is all about the carbs and the almost contrasting experience of the flavours of onion, mayo and beef stroganoff.
I’d be a Cherie, probably. I come across as unapproachable to people who don’t know me but I’m actually very uncomplicated… as versatile as chicken with a punch like garlic, hahaha!
I think I’m a Cherie. Since “Cherie” means Dear, I believe that like this tray I have lots to offer that makes me a “dear” one. Not just providing a healthy outlook in life but also comforting those who are close to me.
Boy kuripot
Given my tight work schedule, it's always a balancing act between work and play. I play as hard as I work. To me, everything needs its balance! Even when it comes to meals, I see to it that I eat balanced meals. I need to have enough carbs, proteins, and nutrients that fits my diet. Of course flavor needs to be well balanced too! For these reasons, PHILIPPE Delifrance Tray Couture best reflects who I am. It has enough carbs from the pasta and bread to give me a boost for my busy schedule, enough proteins from the beef and tuna, and nutrients to last me the day. A well balanced meal for a well balanced guy like ME!
I'm an Amelia because ermm.. I'm a devilish angel? :)) HAHAHA.

Those with (*) after their names didn't leave us with any way of contacting them! Please email us ( your contact details as soon as you can.

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