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23 November 2008

Restaurant Review | OMG Kawaii Bento

Before the Plurkfiesta happened, there was the UP Anime Manga Enthusiasts first. Bong, Tiffy and Jeric met up at the UP Bahay ng Alumni to check out the event before heading to Libis. While making rounds in the event, OMG Kawaii Bento really got our attention!

This was the first time Foodistas Bong and Tiffy have ever seen a bento - so they were pretty much intrigued and excited! Apparently, OMG Kawaii's booth at UP AME was some sort of launch for them since it was their first time to sell their food. They don't have a restaurant as of yet, but they are already making rounds in different events.

They had three designs -- a dog, a bear, and cute little chicks. The dog is made from potato croquette, pork tonkatsu, and some veggies; the bear, from potato croquettes and Japanese fried chicken; and the chicks, from potato croquettes and chicken teriyaki.


All bento meals are priced at Php 150 (USD$3). The Foodistas, together with Jeric and Osmond, got to taste the yummy doggie bento. From the rice, to the veggies, the potatoes and the pork tonkatsu, everyone really loved it.

All in all, it's a well-decorated dish that doesn't forget that it's actually edible (and yummy, to say the least). But unfortunately, it's not something that Osmond would crave for (apparently). It's one for the special occasions, probably.


Reviewed by Bong and Tiffy.
Special thanks to Jeric and Osmond for their inputs
Photography by Tiffy.

Contact Hershey Ang for more info on OMG Kawaii Bento.


  1. I missed Komikon last Saturday! :( I wonder where's their next event.

  2. Whoa!! The bento are kawaii! I haven't been to Libis before. But I'll look for that when I come there. I'm hoping they'll have more variety in the future!

  3. Jeric: No idea! I'll tell you when I get wind of it!

    Noodle: It's not in Libis! :o They don't have a restaurant yet. They just set up booths during events!

  4. Finally got to try it yesterday :-D Yay.

  5. OMG! Super cute! You think they're gonna set up a booth during the the Oblation Run and Lantern Festival?

  6. How was your Bento experience, Chicky? XD

    Apple, really? :D I have no idea! I hope so!

  7. It was okay. It just didn't look as kawaii after bouncing around my car for half an hour :-P


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