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01 December 2008

Food Finds | Xavier Seniors' Entrepreneurial Bazaar

Last weekend, I was at Corinthian Gardens to visit the Entrepreneurial Project of the Xavier High 4 guys. The Entrepreneurial Project is an annual event of the Social Sciences (Economics) Department of Xavier School, for its Seniors to be able to apply what they have learned from the subject.


As I remembered, it was always held inside the campus; but this year, it was situated outside school grounds, in Corinthian Gardens Club House (to be specific). I asked Mr. Simoneil Mendoza, High School Social Science teacher, why the change in the venue for this year. He said that it was because they "wanted the students to operate in much more similar conditions and environment to the real thing."

I think that Harrell and Pats would agree with me when I say that it was a bold, encouraging, and the right move for the Department to do such a change because it ups the exposure and the learning experience for the students. I just wish that they did advertise it more effectively to the public.

Anyway, being a Foodista, it was partly an obligation to look for good food to share to you guys. (The other part was because I was really excited what I could find from the students) So, I went and explored the food stalls. To my delight, I found interesting stuff I know you would really love.


H4H's Chilled Taho
(Php 20, US$0.40) - This Taho, (soya pudding or tofu dessert or beancurd jelly, as called by others), is very refreshing, especially after you get tired from walking around the bazaar. Notice that it's just chilled Taho plus the syrup (which is made out of water and sugarcane), without the pearl tapioca balls that's usually included when you buy it hot from the street hawkers or vendors. I say that I love it as is, without the tapioca balls, to better taste the freshness of this dessert.

Captain Awesome with their Chilled Taho: (at the back-3rd row) Nathan Ng, Phil Lao (from left to right-2nd row) Jeff Chua, Edric Orense, Ryan Kwa, Avery Wong, Emelito Sison, Joseph Potian; (3rd row) Jason Go (Project Manager), Enzo Orosa and Mr. Simoneil Mendoza

Besides H4H's Chilled Taho, Lemon Gee is aother find that's also refreshing and healthy. The story behind this was that it started as a thesis in Ateneo. Lemon Gee's idea is to infuse your healthy fruit shakes with lemon grass extract. You think it's weird? I was very curious, so I tried it.


Banana Shake
(Php 35, US$0.70) The banana shake is your ordinary fresh banana shake, with lemon grass extract. After I tasted this cooler, I fell in love with it. It's definitely a new way for mango and banana shake lovers to have their favorite drinks. It's really yummy, sweet, and healthy! I'll go and try to replicate this at home :)


Reviewed by Bong.
Special thanks to Mr. Simoneil Mendoza
Photography by Bong.


  1. I've tasted the taho and it's just simply awesome! It's addictive!

  2. the pictures of the taho hold me at a stand still, of whether it's sin to eat them, or maybe even a greater sin just to look at them from the pictures and not try them at all.

  3. i think i know where the taho came from. haha! we used to go to a shop near xs and buy taho and it looks exactly the same. :)

  4. Thanks Anonymous 1 and 2 for your comments! haha!

    Anonymous #3, kilala kita ha! Harroun! bwhaha! Sige, you go and show me where I can get them tahos :D thanks for commenting too!

  5. I personally enjoyed the taho. If I had enough money, I would have bought them out. Haha! I was not able to try Lemon Gee's. I'm gonna try to replicate that too. Thanks for the info :)

  6. on chilled taho: i've tried a dessert like this, it was a gelatin made of soy with tapioca in it topped with ordinary 'taho' syrup and milk. it was ftw.! haha.

  7. Congrats to 4H for their successful and being featured here! More power to you guys!

  8. H4H's Chilled Taho (Php 20, US$0.04)

    [Php 20, US$0.40]

    Just a typo, would've been so cheap :D

  9. ay sorry, there, it's fixed! thanks for telling me :)

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