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12 August 2009

Japanese Burger Master, Sango!

Sango Japanese Burger

I have learned about Sango! from fellow Foodista, Hannah. Quite a lot of times, I heard how she loves and craves for their Yakiniku Rice Burger with Kimchi. This is why when I saw Sango! by chance when I was with my friends after a meeting, I immediately invited them to try it with me.

Sango Yakiniku Rice Burger

I got the Beef Yakiniku Rice Burger without Kimchi (Php 109) since I am not fond of the Korean pickled dishes made of vegetables with varied seasonings. The rice burger is made of beef strips sandwiched in between very yummy Japanese rice patties, with lettuce and some Japanese mayo. I instantly fell in love with this one of a kind burger - definitely a lot better than the rice burgers McDonalds had before in the market.


The Burger Master, as it calls its line of Japanese burgers, is truly one of a kind. You might be skeptical with the concept of Japanese food mixed with American burgers, but I can attest that you'll surely crave for more once you've tried it. It has this evident Japanese balance and quality which you'll truly enjoy.

Next time I would want to try thier Sango Master Cheeseburger. :)

Sango! The Burger Master is located at the Ground Floor of the Pearl Drive Plaza, Pearl Drive St., Ortigas Center. They also have a branch in Makati and in Alabang (where Hannah says serve yummier burgers). You may call them at 636-1991 for deliveries

Review and Photo by Bong


  1. I love rice burgers! :( Bong, promise me we'll eat here pag balik ko! Dito tayo catch up :D

  2. Yay :> And I don't get to eat out all the time! :c

  3. I love their burgers, and their dessert, the one with the cereal, kinda pricey tho, marginally worth it, hehe :)

  4. I have to try their other stuff in the menu... I only got to try the rice burger..:p

  5. Drooling. :)

    Do you know where in Makati is their branch? Thanks!

  6. @Lester: In rockwell i think :)

  7. Ehem ehem! Utang mo ehem ehem! :)) HAHAHA!


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