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29 January 2010

Going to Cebu: Mooon Cafe

I keep coming back to Cebu partly because of the food there. Sue me, I fell in love with its exquisite and delicious food and delicacies. Last weekend, I went to Cebu for a four-day vacation with Mica and Winston. We met our Cebu Blogger friends there, and had lots of fun touring the place, and of course, eating :)

Mooon Cafe is a casual dining place located at the 2nd level of The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu 6000. It can also be found at the IT Park in Lahug, Cebu City. Its food ranges from Mexican to Mexican infused flavors you would surely love.

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup. Not the best pumpkin soup I have ever tried, but it's one of the better ones. It's thickness is just right, and its flavors very distinct and yummy. A good starter if you ask me.


Chimichanga (Php 84). Ground beef in sour cream, cheese and salsa wrapped in a crisp tortilla and topped with iceberg lettuce. The combination of all the ingredients is the bomb.

Quesadillas Dos

Quesadillas Dos. Corn Tortilla with cheese in between, and bits and pieces of tomatoes, onions and mayo. Simple yet so yummy and irresistible.


Bryan ordered the Mooon Steak while Mica ordered Tangigue. Evanjohnn meanwhile ordered sisig (not in the pictures).


Review and Photo by Bong
Photo taken using a Canon 120 IS.


  1. Yung kay Mica tanguige yun hehe.

  2. sisig not in the pictures but in the stomach. hahahahhaa

  3. Nice site. :-)

    What I like in Cebu is their lechon and the sugba. They are yummy.

  4. I wish those dish is in my front. Those dishes are all mouthwatering especially the last foods in the post. The meat looks so fresh and tasty. I wish I can taste it.

  5. I love the steak. I enjoyed reading food blogs it's give an ideas how to cooked.

  6. I've been reading the first few blog entries inggit ako sa food escapades nio! Great food blog u guys have..can't wait to read more of ur food trips! :)


  7. any idea on how to cook pumpkin soup? i'm willing to try it for the coming days. thanks! :)

    Send virtual recipes to your family and friends with this app: Try it NOW!!!

    Happy cooking! :9

  8. I agree this is good food, been to park mall and ayalla locations, excelent service and food.Then moved to Lapu Lapu, the Grand mall location was and is the worst food I ever had. When I questiond the owner Mrs. Hall pinay married to a aussie she became angry and assulted me. slapping me when she returned my money paid for the poor food. I would suggest you enjoy Mooon Cafe, but don't go to Grand Mall Location this one should be removed from the good franchies that serve real Quality


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