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19 June 2011

Shinjuku: Blue Lotus

Shinjuku: Blue Lotus
Tokyo, Japan
A review by Tiffy

I just got back from Tokyo a couple of weeks ago and jumped right into trying to enroll for classes at UP Diliman. For those of you who study there, you'd understand the horror. Going to the different buildings in the awful heat! Ack.

I was invited to the final interviews for Uniqlo in Tokyo, Japan a couple of weeks ago. It was 9-days of learning about Uniqlo, being an intern, and just being awesome.

And even though I didn't get the job offer, I was pretty happy about being able to go there (for free!) and meet all the awesome people from Ateneo (I was the only one from UP during that batch), Singapore, and Hong Kong.

We always get free food, too!

We had lunch during the 3rd day at the Shinjuku Takashimaya store at a Thai restaurant, Blue Lotus.

Yam Woonsen ヤム・ウンセン (Php 535, US$ 12.25)

It was spicy and I loved it.

Photo Credit: Lloyd Besin 


  1. Very interesting food in Japan. I'm curious about the purple petals. I wonder if it's really petals of flowers, and if it's edible.

  2. it looks so pretty, i'm also curious if the flower is edible. :)


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