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16 September 2011

Random Announcements: The joys of college life and graduate programs

Random Announcements
Word vomit from Tiffy

As you have noticed, from eight original foodistas, we dwindled down to two. And since Brian Ong has his own blog and cross-posting his food-related posts here is not an option, I am the only one left.

We have four manilafoodistas in med school right now, a manilafoodista working for the Department of Tourism, one who works for the Confucius Institute, and two who just graduated (one being myself). Mark Wu still blogs!

I am currently enrolled at the University of the Philippines taking up my MS Environmental Science under the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM). Earlier this year, I was very fortunate to have been awarded as one of three Panasonic scholars for 2012. As such, I will be studying in Japan for three years: one year as a research student, and two as a graduate student. It's a bit of a complicated process but if you'd like to know more about how graduate programs operate, the website Online Graduate Programs does a pretty decent job of explaining all the challenges involved. For my part, I enrolled in UP as a preparation for my studies in Japan next year. 

This is largely the reason why I've been so busy--I'm taking up 12 units of graduate classes so I haven't really had time to go out much. 

So now my question to you, the readers of this blog, is this: What should I do with this blog?

I will be leaving for Japan next year March. If I continue blogging here, calling myself a manilafoodista will be a misnomer. 

One of my friends suggested that I turn this blog into a travel/food/lifestyle blog for my stay in Japan. Since I'm going to live on my own, I've been playing with the idea of learning how to cook. So that can probably go in the blog too.

I was browsing the intarwebz and I learned that Yummy's September issue is on Filipino food and I've made a mental reminder to buy myself a copy. It will DEFINITELY be useful since I'll be abroad with no instant access to Filipino food. I have known fellow food bloggers who are/were affiliated with the magazine and I've always been a fan of their blogs. 

So yeah. Going back to the question, tell me what you think I should do with the blog! Leave me a comment and I'll get back to it on my next blog post. 


  1. Just continue making it a blog about food while being open to possible contributions from former foodistas or your friends. :-)

  2. Oh, definitely! I've been asking people to guest blog (some have said yes and I should probably follow up on them). I've actually been looking for someone I know to pass the blog to or something. I just felt that it would be a waste to scrap it.

  3. Or you could continue it with your Japan adventures and just change the title to Manila Foodista goes to Japan. Or something. That way, you can still put something like a recipe from Manila or Philippines that you've whipped up on your own and mix it in with restos that you will eat at in Japan. :)

  4. Oooh very good idea :) that way, people won't be misled! Thank you, Guia!


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