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22 October 2011

Purple Oven | Fudge Brownies

Purple Oven | Fudge Brownies
A review by Tiffy

The semester has now ended and I'm happily back in Japan for a long overdue reunion with a bunch of important people back here.

So yeah. The two weeks before my flight to Japan was fraught with sleepless nights (final exams--eep!) and impulsive eating. And it didn't help that mom's friends tend to give her foodstuff like pastries.

It was then that I discovered Purple Oven:

I didn't know it contained brownies until I opened it up.

Really really yummy. Soft and chewy. 

Hands down one of the best brownies I've ever had. And looking at the other reviews online--they really serve one of the best cakes/cookies/etc etc. 

I heard their revel bars are to die for. What would you recommend? 

Address and Phone Number:
63 St. Peter St., Oranbo
Pasig City, Metro Manila 
(02) 631-4221


  1. Looks yummy! :( I WANT ONE!

  2. I absolutely love Purple Oven. Their brownies are amazing. :) They have giant banoffee pies as well, and I love it (huge versions of starbucks's banoffee)

  3. I have to try mooooooooooore D:

    P.S. You have such awesome pictures on your blog <3


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