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24 October 2011

Tokyo Café Revisited

Tokyo Café Revisited
A review by Nicole

Hello everyone! :)

For my first review here in MF, I wanted and was supposed to introduce you guys to my favourite café somewhere in Mother Ignacia avenue but because I'm a nocturnal ergo I sleep during daytime and was such a slowpoke today, I was not able to catch it open (they close at 7:00PM on Sundays). So. . . I ended up in a different place. Here:

@Level 3 SM Megamall

The huge menu outside
I promised my sisters at home that I'd buy them pizza (was thinking of buying them a Margherita at an Italian restaurant). But on my way there, I saw this huge menu of Tokyo Café and saw that they have pizza as well so I decided to order here instead (just to try something new). I really appreciate those huge menu outside restaurants because they give you ideas beforehand. It's so helpful particularly when you can't decide where to eat. 

The moment I sat down at my table, the staff right away served me a glass of water. I was so pleased because in my past dining experiences, most often times it took a while before I got served with a glass of water.

I ordered the Tokyo white pizza for take out and while waiting, I was munching  on their Tokyo Caesar Salad. Tokyo Café boasts of offering western dishes with "distinct Japanese touch" but I got disappointed because I didn't see nor taste any Japanese factor in their Caesar Salad. I expected that it would be a somehow different kind of salad but it was just an okay salad.  When I got home, my sisters and I all shared the Tokyo White Pizza and it was good. The Tabasco sauce goes really well with it.


Tokyo Caesar Salad (Php 151, US$ 3.15)
Their menu says:  Classic light  mayonnaise piquant dressing over romaine with a Tokyo twist, served with crisp bacon bits, croutons, and parmesan

Tokyo White Pizza (Php 208, US$ 4.83)
Creamy white sauce and mozzarella

I can't really comment much on Tokyo Café's food in general because I have only tried two of their dishes. Now one thing that I really like about this restaurant is their service! Their staff is fast, friendly and attentive. I like the ambiance too - it's not loud and the seats are comfortable. I guess I'd be stopping by again when I've got some paper work to do (I'd like to try their cheesecakes!). And oh, they offer free wi-fi too.

P.S. Just in case you're wondering why I entitled this post as such, it's because MF hasposted a review of Tokyo Café last 2008.

Address and Phone Number

SM Megamall
SM Megamall Bldg. A, ESDA cor Julia Vargas Ave
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
SM The Block
2nd floor, The Block
SM North Edsa 216A-216B
(02) 441 0346
SM Mall of Asia
Ground Floor, South Wing
Main Mall Bldg.,
(02) 556 0517


  1. I have to agree. That's a nice observation, that while they say they offer fusion dishes, some of their dishes don't really taste Japanese at all. :-)

  2. Hi, Mary! Thank you for your comment. Appreciate it! :)

  3. Last time I ate there was 2008! I remember liking their shrimp pasta and their crepe for dessert! You should try their desserts. :) although back then, I didn't know what "Japanese food" was supposed to taste like xD

  4. Thanks for the info, Thea! :) So to all the dessert lovers, you might want to eat some at Tokyo Cafe! :D


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