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03 May 2008

Recipe | Joey's Apple Sauce & Apple Cookies

JoeyJoey's Apple Sauce & Apple Cookies
Servings per batch: Makes around 60 cookies
Total preparation time: About an hour and a half
Difficulty: It was my first time baking haha! :) Quite easy.

One of my goals for this summer was to try my hand at baking. It took me forever to decide what exactly my first baking project would be, but I finally settled on making apple cookies.

Until I saw this photo (the same photo I got the original recipe from), I've honestly never heard of apple cookies before. And, apparently, upon mentioning it to the few friends I told about my plans of baking, not many people I know have either. Since I already decided not to bake anything generic (like chocolate chip cookies or crinkles) and since I adore apples, apple cookies seemed like a pretty good place to start my baking journey.

The recipe in the photo's description called for unsweetened apple sauce. I decided to make mine from scratch so that I'd be sure that there would be no preservatives, etc. in my cookies -- Everything from scratch! I even used a masher to obliterate my diced apples into apple sauce (you can use a food processor or a blender like a normal person though, haha). I'm not quite sure how to defend myself for doing it the primitive way, since I have a perfectly good blender at my disposal -- maybe so I can say that everything, even the making and mashing of my apple sauce, was a labour of love? :P

I'm very blessed and happy to be the first foodista to post a recipe on our still-new blog ♥ I hope you enjoy making and eating these as much as I had.

NB: There will be excess apple sauce. You can store this in your fridge and just eat it as it is or enjoy it with some ham for brekkie :) It is delicious on its own though, trust me ;)

Joey's Apple Cookies
Apple Sauce
Servings per batch: Makes 3 and ½ cups
Total preparation time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
  • 6 Fuji apples (medium), peeled, cored & diced
  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
Place your apples and water in a soup/sauce pot, cover and bring to a boil on high heat. Once it comes to a boil, switch to low heat and stir occasionally for about 20 minutes (or until your apples are just soft enough to mash without difficulty). Add in your sugar and stir till it completely dissolves. Finally, add the ground cinnamon and nutmeg and let sit for 1-2 minutes, stirring occasionally. (Your kitchen ought to smell quite heavenly right about now. :9)

Turn off the heat and choose your weapon for mashing up your apples. You might want to keep your apple sauce still a bit chunky (ie, not very blended/smooth yet) for your cookies.

Apple Cookies
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup canola oil
  • 2 and ½ cups apple sauce
  • 2 Fuji apples (medium), peeled and grated
  • 2 and ½ cups brown sugar
  • 2 and ¾ cups flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 3 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup raisins

Mix the brown sugar, canola oil, egg, apple sauce, raisins and grated apple together in a large bowl. Combine the rest of the ingredients together in smaller bowl, then add the dry mixture into your wet mixture. Mix well.

Preheat your oven to around 204°C (400 °F).

Line your baking sheet with parchment/wax paper. Spoon dough to the sheets, leaving at least a ½" gap between each cookie (they don't spread much, don't worry). Bake for about 20-25 minutes (poke one of the cookies with a toothpick or a fork once you reach the 20 minute mark to see if it's ready).

And that's it :) Quite easy to make. The cookies, if you do them right (I can't imagine how you can go wrong though), are very moist and very soft (and yummy! They're not too sweet and they're not very heavy :9). This was a huge hit in my house, and I'm sure it will be in yours too. Enjoy baking and the cookies (and snacking on the leftover apple sauce)~! ♥

PS. Read what Cy and Harrell had to say about the cookies :)

Joey's Apple CookiesJoey's Apple CookiesJoey's Apple CookiesJoey's Apple CookiesJoey's Apple CookiesJoey's Apple CookiesJoey's Apple CookiesJoey's Apple CookiesJoey's Apple CookiesJoey's Apple Cookies

See more photos on my flickr.


  1. looks like a big success! :3

    do i get to taste it? :)

  2. looks good, sana mamigay

  3. bong
    come look for me on monday morning? haha! i'm only going to be able to bring around 16 cookies, since my brothers have devoured (and are planning on devouring) the rest :P those pigs, hahah!

    my brothers are very selfish. ayaw nila mamigay haha. you can tell i'll be made to make more soon haha :9

  4. Ooh..they look like softbatch cookies from keebler ^_^

  5. Maki
    yeahh, they're kinda like that :) a bit more moist tho, and not as grainy. but these cookies are very very soft ♥ (i adore soft batch cookies!)

    and, of course, these are apple-flavoured, haha :9

  6. i wonder if you could substitute banana for the apple? whatya think? hahaha! :D

    the apple cookies you made looks crispy tasty. haha i'll make someone bake them for me. ;___; haha! nice joey! good recipe to try ;)

  7. pat
    they're actually extremely soft :P not at all crispy, hahahh! and hmm. i don't know how it would work out with bananas.

    i'll try and see if i can bake something made with bananas next week tho :)

  8. Aww Joey they look so yummy! :D

  9. oh WOW. those look like little pieces of heaven.

    joey, you're going to make someone very happy to have you as their wife someday. and a bunch of very happy kids.

    keep on eatin and cooking, foodistas

    - karl

  10. karl
    thankyou!! :) that's so nice of you to say ♥

  11. jakedharrison@gmail.comMay 4, 2008 at 8:09 AM

    These are great! Foodista Joey really has an eye for photography.

    I will have to try these recipe one day. Joey, your cookies look divine! I really hope this won't be the last solo article we'll hear from you.

    I love your writing style: very young and interestingly written. Your article really made me smile (and made me rather hungry too).

    I'll definitely attempt this maybe during the fall, when the apples are at their best. Thank you for sharing!


  12. I hate this article...

    Cause my diet will seem to have to wait. Ahahahahahha! I don't really like apples as is but I eat apple pies. So I guess apple cookies won't taste so bad either. And my, look at the texture of that thing. Looks like it'll melt in my mouth the moment it touches my tongue. Scrrrummpptious! XD

    Good job girl! In both writing and baking. :)

    W-h J

  13. Jake
    thankyou for all the praise haha :) you're making me blushed and a little embarrassed. i will do my very best to keep churning out interesting articles for you all to enjoy :)

    thank you so much again! you always have nothing but kind words to say. thankyou thankyou thankyou! ♥

    W-h J
    my brother has affectionately nicknamed them "ate's soggy/wobbly cookies" because they're very very moist and soft. he has also declared his undying love for them, which could possibly be the best compliment I can receive for these since he's usually a bit of a cow :P hahah!

    yes, the apple cookies are good! they're not very appley and they smell really nice (because of all that cinnamon and the hint of nutmeg you put in it). i'm not sure how you'll like the apple sauce, but it's nice to heat a bit of it up and eat nice hot apple sauce during a cool rainy day (like the ones we've been having lately) :)

    and thankyou! :) knowing you guys enjoy and appreciate what i do is the reason why i write these articles ♥ i hope i can keep making you guys smile with my/our future articles.

  14. "½1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg"

    This is funny! Is there a 1/4 teaspoon thingy?

  15. Tiff
    um, no :\ that's just a typo. sorry. it's fixed now.

  16. I love this! Thank you for sharing, Ms. Joey :) And I love that little headshot of you in the beginning!

    Very pretty and very talented (baking, writing, what else can you do?) :) I hope you write more of your articles soon!

    Good luck and thank you again for a great article!

    - A (

  17. A
    awww thankyou! you flatter me ♥

    i'll definitely try and write more articles soon! i'm really happy with all the good feedback i've gotten for this article so far :)

    i hope you keep on reading and enjoying MF, whether it be an article by me, another foodista, or the lot of us ♥

  18. They look great!

  19. thanks, mr./ms. anonymous :)

    They're not your typical cookie, I can tell you that. It's soft and mushy which makes it not hard too chew or bite. Hard cookies are bad for my braces.

    I like apples. Apple pie, apple cookie, doesn't matter! Still apple. Still yummy!

    I could taste the love that was put into this, and then some bits of baked apple skin (but Joey said she didn't do the peeling, her helper elves did). I like the mild sweetness of apple and the faint cinnamon flavor. The apple bits just sent me to heaven.

    Open up shop and you'll be dumog-ed by all those diet hounds. I'll even calculate your Nutritional Info for free! =D

    This apple cookie is the bomb! Too bad it ran out already. =\

    More please.

  21. The Apple Cookies are what you get when you leave a cookie and an apple alone together in a room. Oh, and some raisins and cinnamon too.

    They are NOT apple flavored cookies, mind you, but are extremely true to their name, are hybrid creatures: true apple cookies. look and taste of a cookie, bounciness and taste of an apple. They are so soft and lush and extremely wobbly and moist, I don't know if we can technically call them cookies, but they are indeed cookie shaped. They seem to be a completely new kind of pastry.

    The ingredients also add up to something healthy, which is a big plus for this.

    And they actually do melt in your mouth.

  22. Joey's cookies makes people high!

    We can take over the world now.


  23. harrell
    i will make more, i promise :9 i think perry is going to prod me till i finally feed him some.

    and joey wants to try too. so definitely have to make more the next time i bake this, hahah!

    you, babe, are prolly just sugaring me up for more baked goods. but i'm flattered nonetheless ♥ i'm sooo glad you loved them. and, yes, definite promises of another batch. especially after witnessing how you and aimee attacked my cookies earlier :P

    so, maybe you're right, haha! maybe i can be the next martha stewart :9 (bring it! hahahh!)

  24. Raein said...

    Harrell are you high?

    LOL! Blunt as ever, I see. Pwned! XD

    When are you gonna visit us again guys? I miss seeing the three of you here. :)

    (Actually, I just want to taste the cookies Joey baked. Bring me some and I promise I'll give something back) - LOL, sounds like a sidequest huh? hahahaha

    W-h J

  25. Apple sauce from scratch ... that's a pretty awesome and admirable effort. The cookies look quite interesting ... and yummy. I'm generally not a fan of raisins though. =)

  26. wysgal
    thank you ♥

    you can omit the raisins from the recipe (or replace them with something else? like craisins, maybe?) -- i'm just really fond of dried fruits :)

  27. Hello Joey!

    I followed your link from flickr to here (I'm a fan!). You have such a great eye for photography! And then I saw your latest photos and found out you baked too.

    I'm going to try these out this weekend. Your cookies sound like they'd be really good! I'll probably end up using store-bought apple sauce though. I have tried making apple sauce before and it wasn't really how I hoped it would be, and I unfortunately don't really have time to go and make some myself. Maybe during the holidays?

    I hope you keep on writing! I skimmed through the comments on this post and I agree with everyone's opinion of your writing (and your photos! It is how I found and followed you here, after all.) I wish I could say the same for your baking! I envy c y and harrell for having been able to sample your cookies.

    Hope you're doing well! Bless you! Keep on taking great photos and keep on with your wonderful writing :)

  28. jakedharrison@gmail.comMay 8, 2008 at 2:51 PM

    I almost missed the edit you made on your post. It was a good thing I scrolled down to look through the post again.

    I share the same sentiments of the previous commenter. Wish I got to try some of the cookies as well. Thank you to c y and harrell for sharing, even if it really made me wish I could have some right now.

    Thank you again for sharing, Ms. Joey! And, again, great post :) Looking forward to your next entries.


  29. This is the way to any man's stomach.


  30. Katie
    the apple sauce in my entry is really very simple and, though it takes about half an hour to make ,you can speed things up by not mashing the apples by hand, haha. :)

    thank you so much for all the kind, encouraging words!! ♥

    you know, you don't have to attach "ms." before my name, haha :) thank you again for always being so kind!

    greg & vince
    hahahh! so they say :9

  31. They look and sound great! Thanks for sharing!

  32. I was gonna bake some fruit cake this weekend... but I thin I just changed my mind XD

    Apple cookies are so yum and your piccus are leaving my mouth watering <3

  33. the apple sauce recipe sounds delicious but easy to do. it's very cold where i am right now, and the idea of eating a bowlful of hot homemade apple sauce by the fire (or, well, the heater) is enticing.

    wonderful photos!

  34. Anonymous (35th comment)
    thank you and you're welcome, hahah :9

    haha! take photos, hun ♥ we should swap recipes! i'd love to hear about those strawberry and lemon cupcakes you mentioned :3

    Anonymous (37th comment)
    Hot applesauce is always a welcome treat in my book, whether it's a cold or warm day haha :)

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, everyone! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and reactions with me/us ♥

  35. I tried these yesterday and used granny smith and gala apples since I couldn't find any Fuji apples and everyone loved them. These come out soooo soft and soooo moist, just like you said it would.

    Excellent excellent recipe! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I'm adding this to my arsenal of easy-to-make, crowd-pleasing recipes. I love your work! Keep at it!

  36. Jen
    thank you! i'm thinking of making apple sauce again soon, and doing it with a mix of different varieties of apple (although maybe not green -- i'm not very fond of those).

    i'm very glad the recipe worked out for you ♥

  37. Try it with half Golden Delicious and half Fuji. Golden Delicious gives it sweetness and smoothness while Fujis will give it tartness and texture haha :P

  38. Mark
    oooh, okay. i'll give that a go one time.

    i like how fuji apples have high water content, so the cookies become seriously very moist but still firm. i'll bring you some of this version of my cookies next time i make them, haha :9 they have a very interesting texture and consistency.

  39. Hello Joey! I love your cookies!! My flatmate and I tried them the other day and they were really good!

    They aren't your typical cookies at all. The texture was definitely interesting. I hope you share more of your recipes soon! I can't believe this was your first time baking (and you experimented already!) You're a natural!

    Thank you for sharing! I'm looking really forward to all your upcoming articles.


  40. Sammy
    that's great to hear! definitely will be sharing more soon :) i'm glad the recipe worked out for you guys!

    enjoy the apple cookies ♥

  41. I have never tried making my own apple sauce before. You make it sound so easy, Joey. Maybe I'll give this a go one day. I probably wouldn't be so valiant as you, though. I'll probably cheat. Our food processor doesn't get enough work anyway.

    It IS safe to put through a food processor, right?

  42. Marco
    it is easy ♥ was just matrabaho for me, since i made like a caveman and mashed it by hand, haha (not with my hands tho. that's too much, even for me :P unsanitary!)

    yes, i suppose it is. you mash it at the point where the diced apple is very soft and mushy, so your food processor should be able to obliterate it with no trouble :9

  43. ok new here, but i looked at the one and only recipe in this site. and i have to say, the timing is perfect. I've actually been itching to bake something, i just hope i could muster up enough ingredients for this. where the hell do i find nutmeg!? (preferably in a place where they accept credit cards)

    anyway, i'll make sure to make a batch of these within the week. thanks for the post, and thanks to Bong for leading me to this.

  44. JV
    McCormick is your friend. ;( Just check the spice section of your favourite supermarket (but, just to be sure, SM groceries tend to have the more comprehensive selection of items).

    I hope my cookies work for you haha :P My friend, Cy, and I call my cookie experiments "cookie hybrids" (part cookie, part something else). This particular one is a bit of a pudding/gummi bear/cookie hybrid haha. These are going to come out with a very interesting texture and consistency :9
    So don't worry if they don't feel very much like cookies. My brother calls them "wobbly cookies" (you'll see why when you try them out for yourself, haha)

    They're very good tho, if my friends weren't just being polite with the way they scarfed down my cookies :P

    Tell me (or Bong, to kwento to me haha) how your baking endeavour goes! Haha :) Good luck ♥

  45. jv
    hey, post it in your multiply, would you? :P wanna see how it goes? haha thanks dude!

  46. Wow Joey, quick reply. Anyway, i was just looking at the pic, and i have to say, nice Cam you're using. If i am to photograph my cooking/baking exploits, a cellphone cam would do it no justice (haha. parang ang yabang) hehe. but that's just my excuse to get more into photography as well. Lol. So, what kind of cam is it? (even if this is not a camera/photography blog) Cheers!! :D

  47. JV
    I use two :) One is a Sony DSC-T5 and the other is a Nikon D40.

    However, like I always say, it's not the camera that makes the photo good, but the photographer ♥

    Can't wait to hear about your baking exploits!

  48. i'd like to try this one ^^

    btw, the blog is so far so good ^^
    God Bless!!!

  49. This blog is so great!! I love your posts, Joey!
    These cookies look and sound sooooo good. Do you have anymore recipes???? Im kind of scared to try baking. But if you have any nonbaking recipes I would totally try them!!


  50. your cookies look really really good

  51. footprints
    goodluck with them! :) and thankyou ♥

    ohhh thanks so much ♥ i do have some more but i'm still thinking about whether or not to make them public haha :) you can message me on flickr tho, if you have one, and i can see what i can give you ;P

    thankyou!♥ i'm very proud of them haha :) they're the first things i ever baked and are my first ever baking experiments :9

  52. I'm glad you liked the cookies. I actually posted the recipe to flickr as I didn't have my blog yet at the time. Maybe I should re-blog them seeing as they are quite popular. ;)


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