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09 December 2008

Restaurant Review | Green Mango

Green Mango
Rosa Alvero corner Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights, Katipunan, Quezon City (beside Fruit Magic)
Type of Cuisine: Frozen yogurt
Average cost per person: Php 55 or Php 70 (US$ 1.12 or $1.42)
Overall Rating: starstarnostarnostarnostar

With all of the Yogurt joints mushrooming around Metro Manila, like the White Hat and a lot more, we were excited to try Green Mango in Katipunan, because it was so near our university.

From the outside, it was very inviting and refreshing to look at; though, the establishment didn't have tables or chairs for the customers.

Bong, Hannah and Tiffy, together with Dee and Don (their friends), ordered the basic yogurt, and picked their own toppings. Each created their ultimate yogurt dream dessert.

For the price of 55-70 pesos (depending on how many toppings you choose), it was alright. But in all honesty, we expected it to be better. Compared to the White Hat, the yogurt establishment in SM North EDSA The Block, and Yogurbud, it ranked low for us.

Asked what's in the yogurt, the salesperson admittedly said that their yogurt's the powdered one. All three of us just kept quiet after, and ate our yogurts in peace (while giving each other the constant look)

As usual, Bong, trying his best to be a good citizen, asked for the receipt, but unfortunately they didn't have one (I hope they already do now, or BIR might run after them).

Edit: To clarify what we mean by powdered: some frozen yogurts are made with real milk, not reconstituted powdered skim milk. Our thanks to yogurtfan for the comment! And we're glad to hear that they gave you a receipt! They were (unintentionally or otherwise) unable to produce one for us when we asked for it.



Reviewed by Bong, Hannah, and Tiffy.
Photography by Tiffy using a Nokia N82.


  1. Been wanting to try this out every time I pass by the area.. thanks for reviewing it, at least now I know it ain't to die for ;)

  2. Hi! Im back up online. Can you change your link to be just Thanks!

  3. Hi. I recently tried green mango. Taste is good but still needs improvement. Tastes like any other yogurt brand. BUt the issue with the receipt is wrong. They gave me a receipt but its from fruit magic, coz the sales lady told me its from 1 company. And for your info, all yogurt mixes are powdered. Mixed with
    an original one. For a foodista, you should know that =) more power!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Have tried green mango too and i was very disappointed with the taste, it's way too tarty....sobrang asim as in... and the consistency is icey not creamy...


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