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14 December 2008

Restaurant Review | Sicilian Express

Sicilian Express
Petron Gas Station, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
Type of Cuisine: Italian
Average cost per person: Php 350-400 (US$7.30-US$8.34)
Overall Rating: starstarstarnostarnostar

Since the meeting with a couple of friends didn't push through, Manila Foodistas' Bong and Tiffy, together with their friends, Alex and Fritz, decided to have dinner instead. Since they were in Katipunan, Tiffy suggested eating at Sicilian Express, which can be found in Petron, Katipunan, near Miriam College.


Aside from your usual pizzas and pastas, you can also buy a cup of ice cream for dessert!

DSC099920Fettuccine Cheese (Php 156, US$3.25 | without VAT)
When we ordered our pastas, we were told that they ran out of fettuccine and ingredients (Seriously--restaurants run out of ingredients? An Italian restaurant, at that!) and we were asked if it would be okay if they used spaghetti pasta instead. It turned out so-so. It didn't taste like cheese and the pasta was soggy.

DSC099890Seafood Marinara (Php 174.11, US$3.63 | without VAT)
We were supposed to order Chicken Alfredo. But just as the order was punched in, we were informed that they had no Chicken Alfredo. So we switched it to Seafood Marinara for the same price instead. Again, this was a bit of a huge disappointment. Like the fettuccine cheese, the pasta was soggy. Old. It didn't help that the food chilled fast because the place was cold -- it was like eating paste.

DSC099990Italian Sausage (Php 388.39, US$8.10 | without VAT)
Thank goodness for their pizza! If not for this, the whole experience would've sucked. Their pizza was yummy. Although of course, we're not sure whether it was yummy because the pastas sucked, or it was just really yummy!


All in all it was a nice experience. Nice because the place was clean and the staff was accomodating! We gave it a 3 because it might have been their off-night. We might do another review if we get to eat there again.

Reviewed by Bong and Tiffy.
Special thanks to Alex and Fritz for their inputs.
Photography by Fritz.


  1. fettuccine cheese but not fettuccine? weird :\

    i liked their food the last time we ate there! :) plus, the ice cream is delicious!

  2. Oh man, check it out- Italian Sausage. If Katipunan wasn't so damned far from my place, I'd probably think about checking that place out.

  3. Therese: Exactly! HAHAHA.

    Bim: There's one in Tomas Morato and Dapitan (not sure about this one, though)!

  4. My friends and I ate at Sicilian Express once...and that was the last time that ever happened. We absolutely hated it. From the doorstop garlic bread to the soggy pasta to the tasteless sauce of which they put far too little. And we had the same experience of them having only spaghetti for their pasta.

    So no, Tiff, they weren't having an off night.

    And the serving...I was actually unsure whether to be infuriated because they gave us so little or to be thankful since I wouldn't have to force feed myself more of that swill.

  5. I only remember trying their Pizza and that was okay, Hmmm maybe I should go and try the pasta sometime.

  6. Christian: Soggy pasta and tasteless sauces seems to be the rave in Sicilian Express? :o

    Pats: Totally! A friend recommended to me Sicilian Express' Chicken Alfredo. But then they didn't have it that time. Too bad!

  7. Hmmn, I wanna try this resto so I'll have my share of raves/rants :P

    Anywyay, I'll be adding a link to you guys in my blog. Hope you could link me back :)

  8. Oh my.. the pizza looks so delicious! *drools*

  9. Laffangera: Drop us the link of your review when you DO get to eat there! :D

    Selba: It was! :> Plus, our photographer was awesome!


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