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08 April 2011

Wu Fen Pu: Wholesale Garment Market

Wu Feng Pu

If you ever end up in Taipei, you have to go to Wu Fen Pu. It's a station away (you get off at Songshan Station) from Taiwan Main Station (14 TWD | 21 PHP) and the place is full of clothing shops. Clothes, shoes, belts, bags, hats, eyewear -- shoppers will love it there. Racks by the road are usually on sale, and they go for as low as 100 TWD | 149 PHP. 

There aren't a lot of food stalls as you go deeper into the alleyways so once we got there, we turned right at the first store selling noodles (I didn't even catch the name of the place!).

Wu Feng Pu
Tiffy | Thea | Syril

I couldn't understand the menu so I just ordered whatever my cousin ordered. Apparently, the major difference is the kind of noodles they use: they all almost taste the same. A bowl costs 35 TWD | 52 PHP. It's a bit oily and I didn't like the fact that they use styro bowls (I didn't know until it was served), but it was my first meal of the day so I gobbled it down so fast that I stole food from my sister afterwards.

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