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06 April 2011

Red Sun Tea Shop

Red Sun Tea Shop
April 6, 2011
by Tiffany Chua


If you noticed in my previous post, I am graduating this year. Specifically this month. I'm so excited! After years and years of school, I'm finally done with homework and studying. Not that I'm never studying again -- I do believe that life's like this one big school. It's my best teacher!

Now one of my friends is a native of Taiwan and he told me that I should try the street foods in Taiwan. According to him, eating at restaurants is expensive. My cousins here say the same thing. They say that you'll spend around 500-600 NT (Php 741-890) if you're going to a good restaurant.

So while catching up with my cousins, I told them that I like drinking taro milk drinks with tapioca balls in them. So after dinner that night, we walked some 10 minutes to a shop called Red Sun Tea Shop.


So I ordered a taro milk drink. And had to ask them to add tapioca balls on my drink. And then they'd ask you how sweet you want your drink to be. I chose mine at 30%.

Red Sun Tea Shop

My drink cost around 45 NT (Php 67). It was so big too (700 cc)! My sister ordered pudding milk tea (35 TWD | Php 52). 

I've been spending my days (and night) walking the night markets and the subway malls. Shopping is cheap and their food is yummy! We usually just buy a bunch of street food and eat them together. 

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