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06 April 2011

Eggtarts, among other things

Tiffy: The Graduating Foodista
Lord Stow's Bakery | A take on eggtarts
An update of sorts

Sorry for abandoning this blog for a long while. I've been back in Manila since March 30 of last year. I always told myself that I'd start blogging again as soon as I settled in. 'Settling in' took months! And the longer I waited, the harder it was to start blogging again.

What if no one's interested to read about what I have to say?
Some probably aren't but that's no reason to stop writing!

I kind of envy how active Bong still is, even after all these years! That's dedication right there.

So this is sort of like a: "Hi guys! I'm sort of back but I want to take things slow." Talk to us, comment, critique--tell us what you think!

This is still a blog by people who appreciates eating. Which brings me to my point: WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME TO TRY OUT LORD STOW'S EGGTARTS?

Lord Stow's

I didn't know about it until I had one last week. I didn't even know Lord Stow's! My sister was surprised: "How can you not know Lord Stow's? They supposedly have one of the best eggtarts ever!"

Lord Stow's Eggtarts
One box (4 eggtarts) | Php 158.00 USD 3.64

I haven't had a lot of eggtarts in my life but I'd have to agree that it's one of the best that I've had. I think an eggtart would probably have around 250 kcal. But trust me: it's well worth the calories!

If you're a fan of eggtarts and you've never had Lord Stow's (like me!), they can be found in the following locations:

Tomas Morato ・ Glorietta 4 - Food Choices ・ Glorietta 3 ・ Banawe ・ Ongpin ・ Greenhills ・ The Podium ・ Market! Market! ・ SM Mall of Asia ・ Trinoma


  1. I never tried any eggtarts yet, hopefully this jumpstarts it...tnx for the blog.


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