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08 April 2012

Therese in the Philippines: UniversiTEA

Milk teas are so popular in the Philippines right now that different branches are opening left and right! I remember when Happy Lemon's Rock Salt with Cheese drink became popular, and when I heard about it, I also wanted to try it.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to drop by any of their branches. Luckily, this milk tea shop in the University of the Philippines Diliman offers the same drink (and for a cheaper price at that)! My friends and I tried this a month before I left the Philippines (so that was around June).

This one is the Cocoa Rock Salt with Cheese drink. It costs PhP 60, if I remember correctly. It was my first time to try the rock salt with cheese, and I must say, it's yummy! I drank it without the straw, of course! It's better enjoyed that way.

It's located somewhere beside Lutong Bahay (near Shopping Center), in JP Laurel Street. They also have branches in Taft and Legarda. You can check out their Facebook page.

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