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22 May 2012

Tiffy: Ristras Mexican Grill

Ristras Mexican Grill 
By Tiffy

I'm going to come clean: I'm not really very adventurous with the restaurants I visit. Most of the places I visit are recommendations of friends and the like. Whenever my mom (or anyone) would ask me where I want to eat, I'd say "kahit saan (anywhere)".

So when we were deciding on a place to eat, Tim was the one who suggested that we eat at Ristras. They have good burritos, he said.

It's actually a small place and very comfortable. You know that it's really a place where people EAT.

If you finish their Godzilla Burrito (2.5 kg | Php 1200 | US$ 28.08) in 90 minutes or less, your name will land on their Wall of Fame. Winners will get a Bragging rights T-shirt and your Godzilla Burrito for free. Losers need to pay Php 1000 (ouch).  

Trust me, it's a big burrito.

"Wet My Burrito" for an additional Php 90 | USD 2.11 

They put in some kind of sauce before lighting it up.

You choose what type of food you want. Their menu goes ORDER (list of possible orders) WITH (list of possible content) EXTRAS (extra stuff).

I got a burrito with steak and carnitas (you can choose two! And you also get to choose if they'll mix it up or put half in one side and the other half in the other side). Orders cost around Php 290-340 | USD 6.79-7.95. It's big enough to share between two people. I couldn't finish mine (trust me, I eat a lot).

My friend Alexis asked them to "wet" his burrito! 

Fish Taco Especiale (Php 350 | USD 8.19) 

UP Diliman Psychology Graduates ♥

J. Abad Santos cor. Lopez Jaena
San Juan City, Metro Manila
Tel. No. +63(2)5708159
According to Our Awesome Planet, from Wilson St. turn right on Alex III

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