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11 June 2012

Buko Shake

Buko Shake
by: Nicole

All right folks, a new craze has come to town! Say hello to the buko shake!

Coco Fresco´s Buko Shake with Caramel
12 oz. (Php 35.00)

Before we go on talking about the buko shake, let's talk a little bit about buko juice a.k.a. coconut water. Buko (coconut) juice is the newest hit drink around the world (but our country filled with coconuts is not the pioneer rawr!). I'm sure you've seen news about it online (Rihanna is the new face of VitaCoco, one of the leading coconut water brands in the U.S.). Why is it a hit? Mainly because of these reasons - it's electrolyte-rich, has zero fat and zero cholesterol. I read somewhere before that during World War II, coconut water was used for blood transfusion because it has the same properties as the human blood plasma. Read more about it here. Now you might want to ditch the synthetic Gatorade. 

It was my sister who actually introduced me to this yummy shake. Buko shake is  the KING OF ALL SHAKES, at least in my opinion. It's creamy, a total thirst quencher, and the taste is really good - not too sweet or anything weird and extreme. It's the most refreshing frothy drink I've ever tried!

Next time you go to the mall, make you sure you buy the buko shake (I saw two stalls in SM Megamall selling. One was in front of Powerbooks and the other was near the Cinemas 7,8,9. . ., if my memory serves me right). Buko shake is a total must try! It comes in different flavours too - strawberry, ube, pandan, caramel, and chocolate. If you're on healthy mode or in other words avoiding the poisonous sugar (if too much), just drink the plain one. 

Go loco over coco!

Coco Fresco
SM Megamall (in front of Powerbooks)

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