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15 June 2012

Therese in Taiwan: Witch House 女巫魔法書

Witch House is a small restaurant located somewhere near Gongguan 公館 that my classmates and I went to a couple of months ago. Aside from food, they also have board games (how-to-play instructions mostly in German and Chinese though) and sometimes, they have music nights.

See the bras hanging from the chairs? Yeah, the restaurant is a bit on the... mature side.

One of my classmates suggested we play board games so we did. It was fun playing not so complicated games such as trying to guess who the killer was (and bluffing so that others won't know that you're the killer), math games involving animals and the zoo, UNO cards, etc.

Now for one of the most important parts of the evening... the food!

As some of you might already know, Chinese is a tonal language meaning that there are words that sound exactly the same. This also means that if you change a tone of a character, it could totally change its meaning. Therefore, it's worth mentioning that a lot of the translations of food items on the menu are more on the... x-rated side. Haha!

Top: German bobbitto grilled sausage w/ rice 德國烤香腸飯 | 200 NTD (~290 PhP)
Bottom: La Poderosa drumstick dinner 老墨大根烤雞腿餐 | 200 NTD (~290 PhP)
I wasn't able to take a picture of all of my classmates' food but this is a picture I took of my Korean classmates' orders.

Tilapia baked in almonds & butter w/ rice 性人奶猶舉鯛魚飯 | 220 NTD (~319 PhP)

Soda float (came with the meal)
I ordered the Tilapia because it sounded yummy. It did not disappoint. It was indeed delicious. The fish was so tender (is that the word they use to describe fish?) that it almost melts in your mouth. Couple that with the almonds and butter and you have a dish full of win! It's also very filling, as you can see from the huge serving. Each dish also comes with a drink - you can choose from different types of coffee, tea, and soda. I went for this soda float because it was topped with ice cream. Drink + dessert = win!

Address: No. 7, Lane 56, Hsin-Sheng South Road, Sec.3 Taipei, Taiwan (Near Taiwan University)/
台北市新生南路三段56巷 7號 (台大新體育館對面/近新生南路與辛亥路口)

Operating hours: Sunday to Wednesday 11am - 12pm, Thursday to Saturday 11am - 1am

Telephone: +886 (02) 2362 5494
 You can also visit their website for more information.

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