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04 July 2012

Papa John's Pizza

Papa John's
by Nicole

Hungry for pizza? Head over to the nearest Papa John's! Hands down, the pizza here is definitely BETTER!

We all know that pizza is junk food but here in Papa John's, their pizzas are certainly not junk (unless of course you eat too much and you don't exercise to turn all the carbs you ate into energy instead of storing them into fat). Papa John's pizzas are first of all not oily (standing ovation y'all :D) and the dough is perfect - chewy, not over or under baked, and not bland. Papa John's boasts of serving only "fresh, never frozen, original dough" which, in my opinion, is evident in the taste and the texture of it.

Every time my folks and I go here, we always have this salad. In my family, we always see to it as much as possible to eat something raw before devouring anything cooked because raw food is great for digestion compared to cooked food for heat destroys the enzymes in the food. Enzymes are necessary for digestion and you get enzymes on raw food. Anyway, going back to the salad, I like this because the veggies are fresh-tasting.

Chef's Salad
For starters, I highly recommend these cheese sticks! They call them cheese sticks but they don't look like sticks, right? Anyhow that is not important because these, THESE ARE DELICIOUS!!! If there's one junk food that I could only eat for the rest of my life, these would be my number one pick. Make sure you don't leave Papa John's without trying these cheese sticks. They are served with two kinds of sauces - one butter and some tomato sauce.

Cheese Sticks
Php 99.00
Before we go the the pizza, let's explore a little bit on Papa John's pastas. First we have the seafood marinara. Just by looking at the photo, you know that it's real seafood. I mean, there are some restaurants where on their menu it says "seafood" but when they serve you the food, you only get two/three pieces of shrimp, a tiny slice of squid and that's it. I'm just happy that this pasta does not disappoint. I like the sauce of this pasta too - just right for my taste.

Seafood Marinara
Php 190.00
This carbonara is my ever-picky sister's favourite. She ate it all! That sister of mine is so picky with food she should be in the Guinness World Book of Records so if she's able to finish a plate of food, then that food sure is good. Trust me on that.

Seafood Carbonara
Php 180.00
Now let's get down to business. Presenting the pizzas! Each pizza comes in different sizes. They have the 6" (4 slices), 9" (6 slices), 12" (8 slices), and 14" (10 slices).

Pepperoni pizza comes first. This never misses our table.

Papa John's Pepperoni
Jr. Papa (Php 160), 9" (Php 315), 12" (Php 450), 14" (Php 555)

I'm not sure if you've already noticed but that day, it was seafood overload for us ha ha! Not complaining though because all of the food was good! I've never eaten a seafood pizza filled with much seafood as this in any other place. Thumbs up to Papa John's!

Papa John's call their seafood pizza "Fisherman's catch." This pizza indeed has plump shrimps and calamari, green peppers, and onions. It is served with garlic sauce too but I wasn't able to try that on this pizza.

Fisherman's Catch
9" (Php 315), 12" (Php 450), 14" (Php 555)

This is the most unforgettable pizza I've eaten from Papa John's so far. They call this "Super Papa" and their menu says this is the ultimate combination of tasty toppings - pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives. Pepperoni is my number 1 favourite pizza but this Super Papa, super beats pepperoni! Super Papa is super GOOD. I love the taste - the flavours go so well together, it has a hint of sweetness in it because of the onions, then a strong flavour from the Italian sausage and olives, the cheese and the tomato sauce are wow and the dough is perfect!

Papa John's Super Papa
9" (Php 340), 12" (Php 475), 14" (Php 580)

With all that I ate that day, I told myself I'd never eat pizza ever again but then again, I already said that a couple of times before. Hence, I guess I'll never give up on you, pizza! By the way, if you can't get enough of Papa John's pizza, you may want to take advantage of their UNLI PIZZA every Tuesdays, from 6PM to 9PM for only Php 199! Promo runs until 24 July 2012.  Go, go, go! Careful with the carbs though.

Papa John's Philippines:

1. Robinsons Galleria Veranda (631 8689/ 736 0570)
2. University Mall Taft Ave (536 5434 / 536 4612)
3. Greenhills (721 9676 / 722 2612)
4. SM Megamall (634 0966 / 637 5299)
5. Brick Road, Sta Lucia (645 7272 / 681 4147)
6. Tomas Morato (921 7272 / 921 7590)
7. BF Homes, Pque (519 7272 / 478 1171)
8. SM Fairview (921 7764 / 921 8423)
9. SM North EDSA (921 8263 / 921 8321)
10. Arnaiz Ave (887 7272 / 822 5272)
11. Greenbelt 3 (919 4925 / 919 4926)
12. Jupiter, Makati (890 7272 / 836 2096)
13. Waltermart Sucat (801 7272 / 801 6615)

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